How to promise a date to be delivered on a sale order to your customer?

When a sales/commercial department creates a sales order, he wants to tell the customer when he will be delivered (goods will be sent to him at the latest).  It would be in handy to see this on the screen when creating the sales order.  

When we add a sales order line to a sales order, you can specify the number of days needed before it can be shipped to the customer.  However, for every product, a value by default can be given as the Customer Lead Time, which is 7 days by default.  When we confirm a sale order, the moves/procurements created for that line will have a scheduled date as the date of the sales order + that delay on the sales order line.     

If you install the module 'Dates on Sales Orders', it will add a Requested Date and a Commitment Date in the second tab.  The commitment date is a calculated field.  It will be the minimum date of the sale order date + delay on every line.  The requested date is a date you can fill in to compare with what your customer asked for and if it is filled in, this date will be taken into account for the scheduled date of procurements/moves instead.  It will also trigger a warning when it is earlier than your commitment date. 

Remark: The customer lead time in the product is something you need to specify for yourself.  You should try to avoid e.g. that you need to buy this product and it has a purchase lead time of 8 days, when your customer lead time is 7 days.  This would mean that your sales order line has a date of today + 7 days, but you have e.g. 1 day security days and those 8 days of purchase lead time, which will put the order date for the purchase to today - 2, which would mean that your purchase order is de facto too late.  

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