How to use the OpenOffice Report Designer ( base_report_designer ) on the SaaS with XML-RPC Secure

Since beginning of June 2013 , I cannot connect anymore my OpenOffice Report Designer to my SaaS instance. Can you help me?


Since beginning of June 2013, we are using the protocol XML-RPC Secure to connect the OpenOffice Report Designer to the OpenERP Online instances.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the new plugin:

  • 0a) Don't forget to add a password to your user ( cf question 4900 )
  • 0b) Don't forget that this plugin works with OpenOffice and with Libreoffice until V3.6 , but not with Libreoffice V4.0+
  • 1) In your instance , go to Settings/Modules/base_report_designer, click on "upgrade"
  • 2) In your instance, go to Settings/Configuration Wizards/OpenERP Report Designer Installation/Set as To Do/Launch/Download the file.
  • 3) Rename your file by adding ".zip" at the end of the file name
  • 4) In OpenOffice, (Tools/Extension manager) disable the existing extension
  • 4b) If necessary, delete manually the plugins from the application data (google..)
  • 5) Restart OpenOffice
  • 6) In OpenOffice, (Tools/Extension manager) Add the new extension file
  • 7) Restart Openoffice
  • 8) In Openoffice Report Designer/Server parameters ; fill in with the following settings: Server: Port: 443 Protocol: XML-RPC secure
  • 9) Continue with the same steps as before ( type in the name of your instance )

I hope it will help you.

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