How to use dynamic dates in my filters? e.g. deadline date = today in project tasks


I would like to create a dynamic filter in order to easily retrieve tasks for which the deadline = today. Today is a dynamic value that changes everyday... So an advanced search is not really appropriated! How to set this?

It could be useful in lots of other contexts. In CRM for instance, retrieving all the opportunities for which the next action date = today would also useful!

1. Create an advanced filter from the task interface (e.g. Deadline = 31/12/2014).

2. Go to Settings > Technical > User Interface > User-defined Filters, and open the one you just created.

3. Replace the applied filter by this one: [('date_deadline','=',time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))]

4. Now by using this filter in your tasks, you get in one click all the tasks that must be closed today! As easy as this!


You can also set up an advanced filter to get all the tasks that have to be executed this week (today + 5 days): [('date_deadline','>=',time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')),('date_deadline','<=', (context_today() + datetime.timedelta(days=5)).strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))]

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