How to define the thousands separator?

Accountants are used to the thousands separator e.g. 102563.00 EUR is represented as 102,563.00 for the sake of clarity. How to enable it?

The setup of the thousands separator is located under: Settings > Translations > Languages.

For each language, you can set a different separator format (and few other formatting options like the dates format or the text direction).

3 options modify the format of a number:

  • Separator format: number of digits between separators
  • Thousands Separator: the character displayed at each separation
  • Decimal Separator: character displayed before the decimals

If you use [3,3,3,-1], the number 1232345.01 will be displayed 1,232,345.01. However, the number 1237891232345.01 will be displayed 1237'891'232'345.01.

The -1 at the end of the list means 'stop the separation'. The value 0 can be used to mean 'repeat the last group at infinite'.

So the correct form for a separator between each 3 digits whatever the number of digits is: [3, 0].

Reference: Olivier Dony's comment

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