What are the acquiring tools to stimulate lead generation?

How can I stimulate lead generation, for instance by using newsletters?

Your current database of email subscribers can be an incredibly powerful tool to turn them into customers. Email is still an incredibly effective way to communicate with your fan base and potential customers. Your subscribers already want to hear from you. Emails you send will have a high open rate. If you send emails of value looking to serve your customers, it is a great way to build a lead nurture program.

  • Create a lead nurture campaign with different offerings based on your customers’ activities.
  • Use an email platform that allows you to track and measure your potential customers’ levels of activity based on your email offerings. This will let you to tailor it to their needs while providing your customers with more relevant information and offers.

Tools like Odoo help you better define a campaign to map to your customers as well as deliver measureable ROI. Since marketing automation tools can track from 1st touch to sales hand-off, completely integrated with your CRM system, you can get campaign by campaign ROI metrics and performance.

What should you bare in mind when designing your newsletter?

  1. Create a catchy subject line, such as Stimulate your Lead Generation with Odoo!
  2. Share educational content
  3. Add visual interest
  4. Make your content easy to read
  5. Point to one primary Call-to-Action
  6. Test, test, test

Odoo offers a set of modules allowing you to easily create and track your Marketing Campaigns. With the Marketing application, you define your direct marketing campaigns, allowing you to automate your lead communication. Simply install the marketing module from the list of modules in Settings > Modules > Installed Modules (remove the filter first).

If you want to manage several mass mailings through a marketing campaign, make sure to also tick the Manage Mass Mailing using Campaign option in Settings > Configuration > Marketing

Start by designing and creating your various mass mailings from the menu Marketing > Mass Mailing > Mass Mailings. Afterwards, you can link them to a Marketing Campaign from the menu Marketing > Mass Mailing > Campaigns.

Recipients can be selected from different places, such as existing Customers, leads and opportunities, or one or more mailing lists you created yourself.

The new Odoo CMS allows you to design great email templates with pictures and much more. You can use predefined snippets available from the Insert Block feature. 

By going to the menu Settings > Email > Templates and selecting the mass mailing template concerned, you can use the Dynamic Placeholder Generator to include variables in your mailing template, such as the name of the mass mailing. 

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