How to show Thumbnail image in list view?


I am here in a need to display the binary field which will be most propably an image should be displayed in a 50px*50px sized Thumbnail image.

Can any one help me to resolve this.

Situation: In sale order line when i select a product it should auto-populate the product image as well. I achieved this functionality to auto-populate the image. And this image is displaying as widget until in form view of sale order line. But once when i click on "save and close" on sale order line form, in the list view of sale order it is showing as some Download(size) like thing. Even i specified as widget="image" in tree view of order line.

Now i want to show this image as widget in list view also. Any solution?

Thanks in Advance.


There is no actual functionality to achieve image widget functionality in the list view.

List view is designed in such a way that will show all binary files as Download(size) format irrespective of the file type and widget specified. To achieve this I have modified the code in web module directly as I don't know how to create a customized module to add js code.

The code to be added is:

The file need to be modified is: /addons/web/static/src/js/view_list.js:

Line 2066:

  'button': 'instance.web.list.Button',
 +'field.image': 'instance.web.list.FieldBinaryImage',
  'field.many2onebutton': 'instance.web.list.Many2OneButton',

Line 2230:

            href: download_url,
            size: instance.web.binary_to_binsize(value),
+instance.web.list.FieldBinaryImage = instance.web.list.Column.extend({</br>
+       /**
+     * Return a image to the binary field of specified as widget image</br>
+    *
+     * @private
+     */
+    _format: function (row_data, options) {
+            var placeholder= "/web/static/src/img/placeholder.png";
+        var value = row_data[].value;
+        var download_url;
+        if (value && value.substr(0, 10).indexOf(' ') == -1) {
+            download_url = "data:image/png;base64," + value;
+       }
+        else {
+               download_url = placeholder;
+        }
+       return _.template('<image src="<%-src%>" width="30px" height="30px"/>', {
+            src: download_url,
+       });
+    }
instance.web.list.ProgressBar = instance.web.list.Column.extend({
* Return a formatted progress bar display
* @private
_format: function (row_data, options) {


When you are trying this code to acheive functionality, don't forget to specify widget="image" in view definition and in this post it is not allowing me to add image tag in code it is converting into image icon.

return _.template('Image tag with src="<%-src%>" and width as 30px and height as 30 px', {

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