How i can create module openerp 7 / Odoo 8 ?

Hello, i am new in Openerp, i want to create a new module in openerp 7, i have all the modules but i don't know how to start, thank you very much !!!


Quick Start Guide

For Odoo v8: 

1°-Start reading:

Quick start :

Official doc : Modules OpenERP v7

2°-Sample module :

Example 1 : Basics of developing a simple module in OpenERP

Example 2 : How to create a module in OpenERP ?

Example 3: Custom Sample Module Development

Example 4:Module structure of OpenERP module

Example 5:Adding additional fields

3°- Videos

Create a module (through interface not with python code)

Tools / IDE OpenERP

1°-IDE : I suggest Eclipse IDE : Eclipse Classic

2°-Python : plugin PyDev for eclipse : Installing the Eclipse PyDev plugin

3°-XML : Editor integrated with eclipse

4°-Templates Openerp :Template for eclipse of openerp code snippets. This snippets are build to help rapid building openerp project with great ease.

For Python Snippets

For XML Snippets

5°-OpenERP in eclipse.

Debug your openERP+python code in eclipse

OpenERP development environment in Windows using Eclipse.

6°-OpenERP V7.0 installation on ubuntu 12.04 x64

How to install OpenERP V7.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 from launchpad repository?

* Others links :

Best start with openerp.

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