Hide menu for existing group

How can I hide menu item for user group, using xml? I'm find code example, what grant access for some group:

<record id="original_module.menu_id" model="ir.ui.menu">
    <field name="groups_id" eval="[(4,ref('my_new_group_id'))]"/>

But, if user group already there, how can I remove it from there?

you can use the following example

<record id="original_module.menu_id" model="ir.ui.menu">
    <field name="groups_id" eval="[(3,ref('my_new_group_id'))]"/>

There are actually0-6 numbers for representing each job for a many2many/ one2many field

  • (0, 0, { values }) -- link to a new record that needs to be created with the given values dictionary
  • (1, ID, { values }) -- update the linked record with id = ID (write values on it)
  • (2, ID) -- remove and delete the linked record with id = ID (calls unlink on ID, that will delete the object completely, and the link to it as well)
  • (3, ID) -- cut the link to the linked record with id = ID (delete the relationship between the two objects but does not delete the target object itself)
  • (4, ID) -- link to existing record with id = ID (adds a relationship)
  • (5) -- unlink all (like using (3,ID) for all linked records)
  • (6, 0, [IDs]) -- replace the list of linked IDs (like using (5) then (4,ID) for each ID in the list of IDs)

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