How can I update my invoice and other entry numbering in Odoo?

As an accountant, I want to make sure that my invoice and other entry numbering for the next financial year is correct. How can I set the entry sequences? 

When you want to create appropriate entry sequences for the new financial year, make sure to create the financial year first. For more information about creating a financial year, refer to 

As a Financial Manager with also Administration > Settings user rights, go to Accounting > Configuration > Journals > Journals. Select a journal for which you want to add a new entry sequence. Click the blue link of the Entry Sequence field.

In the window that opens, click the Edit button. Usually the first sequence you use in Odoo will be on the Sequence tab. To add a new sequence, go to the Fiscal Years tab and click Add an item. In the Fiscal Year dropdown, select the new financial year you have created. In the Sequence box, type the name of your new sequence, e.g. Sales Invoices 2015. Then click Create and Edit.

In the Prefix / Suffix field, you can add alphanumeric characters that will be added to the sequence, i.e. 2015/. Number padding means that zeroes will be added in front of the Next Number. In the example below, the new invoice number will 2015/00001. The Implementation should be No gap if the numbering should contain no gaps. Save the sequence.

You can use the same procedure for your other Journal Entry Sequences.

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