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I installed a copy of OpenERP v7 on a new server running windows server 2008 r2 and everything was going well. I then began adding several modules (only modules created by OpenERP), and then when accessing http://localhost:8069 or from a pc on the network, I see the login page pullup, I see the little "loading" tab pop up at the top of the page and then nothing.  The page is blank.  The tab of the browser window says "OpenERP" and the OpenERP favicon is in the tab.  To be clear, this same thing occurs whether or not I'm trying to access the page through the server or a pc on the network.

From a pc, I hit refresh and got the "XmlHttpRequestError" error.  I saw a few posts here regarding this error and one referred to the calendar module.  Any ideas?

So, as a recap. Everything was working perfectly, then after only adding a handful of OpenERP created modules, we cannot access the page any longer.  Nothing else at has changed.  I've tested this in all browsers, Chrome, IE and FireFox and all browsers are the most recent versions.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.




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Ben Bernard

have you check the log?