Working with several alias domain?

Hi there, according to release notes it is necesary to setup the alias domain for my company. What if my company has several alias domain (example one for Ecuador headquarters, and another for Colombia headquarters?, or maybe one for brand A and another for brand B).

I think OpenERP should allow to create several "alias domain" .... or what should be the workaround here?. Do you guys think it should be a needed feature?

I suggest to review the "Managing Multiple Domains with Google Apps" from google (I yet don't have enough karma to publish links).

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Rui Andrada
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Maybe we need a new feature here to solve this problem…

But for now maybe you could use my workaround to solve this problem, what I've answered here:

Follow the answer:

Maybe this not answer you question but maybe can resolve this problem.

I guess does not exists yet anyway to the mail module handle this setup yet. I think one workaround for what you want to archive is to use only one domain for your openerp instance with multi-company, do the follow:

  • Create a normal OpenERP instance like
  • And create email alias from ->,
  • And so on…

This way you could receive emails into user or group you want to receive email from specific email address.