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wizard_payment_order('populate_payment_ext') TypeError: __new__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)

on 5/13/13, 8:09 AM 2,425 views

I Tried to Install account_payment_extension it is open source module developed for 6.x version. But now i try to install on OpenERP 7, but it making error, i got this error wizard_payment_order('populate_payment_ext') TypeError: __new__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given), previously i faced the error that is ImportError: No module named wizard then i change hide the import wizard and class wizard_payment_order(osv.TransientModel): here is my code #import wizard import pooler from tools.misc import UpdateableStr import time from osv import fields, osv

FORM = UpdateableStr()

FIELDS = { 'entries': {'string':'Entries', 'type':'many2many', 'relation':'account.move.line',}, 'communication2': {'string':'Communication 2', 'type':'char', 'size': 64, 'help':'The successor message of payment communication.'}, }

field_duedate={ 'duedate': {'string':'Due Date', 'type':'date','required':True, 'default': lambda *a: time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d'),}, 'amount': {'string':'Amount', 'type':'float', 'help': 'Next step will automatically select payments up to this amount as long as account moves have bank account if that is required by the selected payment mode.'}, 'show_refunds': {'string':'Show Refunds','type':'boolean', 'help':'Indicates if search should include refunds.', 'default': lambda *a: False}, } arch_duedate=''' <form string="Search Payment lines" col="2"> <field name="duedate"/> <field name="amount"/> <field name="show_refunds"/> </form>'''

def search_entries(self, cr, uid, data, context): search_due_date = data['form']['duedate'] show_refunds = data['form']['show_refunds']

pool = pooler.get_pool(cr.dbname)
order_obj = pool.get('payment.order')
line_obj = pool.get('account.move.line')

payment = order_obj.browse(cr, uid, data['id'],
ctx = ''
if payment.mode:
    ctx = '''context="{'journal_id': %d}"''' % payment.mode.journal.id

# Search for move line to pay:
domain = [('reconcile_id', '=', False),('account_id.type', '=', payment.type),('amount_to_pay', '<>', 0)]

if payment.type =='payable' and not show_refunds:
    domain += [ ('credit','>',0) ]
elif not show_refunds:
    domain += [ ('debit','>',0) ]

if payment.mode:
    domain += [('payment_type','=',payment.mode.type.id)]

domain += ['|',('date_maturity','<',search_due_date),('date_maturity','=',False)]
line_ids = line_obj.search(cr, uid, domain, order='date_maturity', context=context)

FORM.string = '''<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<form string="Populate Payment:"> <field name="entries" colspan="4" height="300" width="800" nolabel="1" domain="[('id', 'in', [%s])]" %s=""/> <separator string="Extra message of payment communication" colspan="4"/> <field name="communication2" colspan="4"/> </form>''' % (','.join([str(x) for x in line_ids]), ctx)

selected_ids = []

amount = data['form']['amount']
if amount:
    if payment.mode and payment.mode.require_bank_account:
        line2bank = line_obj.line2bank(cr, uid, line_ids, payment.mode.id, context)
        line2bank = None
    # If user specified an amount, search what moves match the criteria taking into account
    # if payment mode allows bank account to be null.
    for line in line_obj.browse(cr, uid, line_ids, context):
        if abs(line.amount_to_pay) <= amount:
            amount -= abs(line.amount_to_pay)
            selected_ids.append( line.id )
    selected_ids = line_ids

return {
    'entries': selected_ids,

def create_payment(self, cr, uid, data, context): line_ids= data['form']['entries'][0][2] if not line_ids: return {}

pool= pooler.get_pool(cr.dbname)
order_obj = pool.get('payment.order')
line_obj = pool.get('account.move.line')

payment = order_obj.browse(cr, uid, data['id'],
t = payment.mode and payment.mode.type.id or None
line2bank = pool.get('account.move.line').line2bank(cr, uid,
        line_ids, t, context)

## Finally populate the current payment with new lines:
for line in line_obj.browse(cr, uid, line_ids, context=context):
    if payment.date_prefered == "now":
        #no payment date => immediate payment
        date_to_pay = False
    elif payment.date_prefered == 'due':
        date_to_pay = line.date_maturity
    elif payment.date_prefered == 'fixed':
        date_to_pay = payment.date_scheduled

    if payment.type == 'payable':
        amount_to_pay = line.amount_to_pay
        amount_to_pay = -line.amount_to_pay
        'move_line_id': line.id,
        'amount_currency': amount_to_pay,
        'bank_id': line2bank.get(line.id),
        'order_id': payment.id,
        'partner_id': line.partner_id and line.partner_id.id or False,
        'communication': (line.ref and line.name!='/' and line.ref+'. '+line.name) or line.ref or line.name or '/',
        'communication2': data['form']['communication2'],
        'date': date_to_pay,
        'currency': line.invoice and line.invoice.currency_id.id or False,
        'account_id': line.account_id.id,
        }, context=context)
return {}

class wizard_payment_order(osv.TransientModel): """ Create a payment object with lines corresponding to the account move line to pay according to the date provided by the user and the mode-type payment of the order. Hypothesis: - Small number of non-reconcilied move line , payment mode and bank account type, - Big number of partner and bank account.

If a type is given, unsuitable account move lines are ignored.
states = {

    'init': {
        'actions': [],
        'result': {
            'type': 'form',
            'arch': arch_duedate,
            'state': [
                ('search','_Search', '', True)

    'search': {
        'actions': [search_entries],
        'result': {
            'type': 'form',
            'arch': FORM,
            'fields': FIELDS,
            'state': [
                ('create','_Add to payment order', '', True)
    'create': {
        'actions': [],
        'result': {
            'type': 'action',
            'action': create_payment,
            'state': 'end'}

wizard_payment_order('populate_payment_ext') Please help me i struggled here.

Thanks& Regards Sridharan G


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Sudhir Arya
ERP Harbor Consulting Services
Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
On 5/13/13, 9:23 AM

Just changing wizard.interface into osv.TransientModel won't work. You have to convert it just like all other wizards (memory wizards) available in v7.

My answer (Convert interface into memory wizard) could help you to convert it.

This Wizard dont having a .XML file then where i paste this code my_form = <?xml version="1.0"?> <form string="Category Summary"> <group colspan="4"> <button name="check" type="object"/> </group> </form>

on 5/13/13, 9:36 AM

You have to create xml file and have to copy past the view related code.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 5/13/13, 9:44 AM

i don't have interface.py file wat to do. i'm new for openerp, so tuff to understand please help me...

on 5/13/13, 10:05 AM

You have to convert your current py file.

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
on 5/13/13, 10:46 AM

It is tuf to understand send me a sample module please...

on 5/14/13, 1:39 AM

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