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Stefan Reisich Germany

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Stefan Reisich Germany
5/17/14, 12:12 PM

odoo have created a FAQ for this question. Please take a look here:



Fabrice, your words frighten me. They make me feel that you probably are not a technical guy, or you are not supported by a good technical team.

A change in a domain name it is a BIG change. Companies have security policies to allow Internet access for their customers. That policies are very restrictive, in most of the cases, specially in the filed of accounting. Thus, financial teams of the company could be permitted not to connect freelly to Internet, but to a particular places. If one of those places is openerp.com, the firewall, proxys, and that kind of technical items allow only connections to openerp.com not to odoo.com, taht would be an unknown site, so probably a non-confident site to connect.

Can you imagine a group of people, the financial team, trying to connect to the regular openerp.com domain to do their work, and getting an error page because the new redirected domain, odoo.com, is not allowed in the connections policies of the company? Can you imagine the "message" they probably would transmit to their bosses? "OpenERP has disappeaerd!", "All our company data, customer data, and activity data, probably lost!"

Even if there is no so restricted policies to connect to Internet, probably there is a BIG impact for a customer to see that openerp.com, the regular site that they visit every day, is redirected to a similar-but-not-the-same site, and with a different name. Probably the customer thinks "openerp.com has been hacked, and redirected to the odoo.com!", or even, "my computer has a virus, that catches all the connections to openerp.com and redirects me to odoo.com, that I don't know, and probably is a fake-domain of pharma-sellers trying to get my attention!"

The solution for this issue is to talk with customers before changing domain, and let them to apply the new policies to allow connections to the new domain, and let them to get information about there will be a new brand name, and let them to report the bosses, and the rest of employees, about the new brand, new look and feel, and new domain.

Another BIG deal. We were testing the use of a personalized domain, just like "www.my-domain.com" pointing to my-domain.my.openerp.com. The alias was running for weeks after we make the changes in our DNS and your technicians did the trick to allow it to work. I say, it worked for weeks ... up to the day of the "not-so-important change". Then the personalized domain was not working at all. We get a "very nice 500 error" trying to visit our www.my-domain.com. Imagine the face of my people, and my customers.

To be honest, at this moment that problem is solved. OK. But it was not working for several days. Isn't it important enough?

I tryed to make a regular download of a backup of my database instance, after the change, and I couldn't. Was it another problem related to the "not-so-ímportant change"? In my opinion, yes, it was. Now it is solved and I could download it, but it wasn't working for several days, also.

One more thing, the price change. Do you really think that one and half month is time enough for a company to react for a billing change like that? If after being noticed about the price change, I decide to go out for my own ERP solution or to another company/service, probably it took me several months to evaluate, decide, contract, and translate all my data, contract learning for the new solution, adapt my technical teams to the new processes, etc.

In a nuthsell, Fabrice, your words, and your actitude, are very, very bad for us, the customers. Everybody can fail, but if customers are telling you that you are making the bad businees, at least, listen to them and offer solutions.

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Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States
5/19/14, 9:36 PM

You are making me say what I didn't say. First, I legitimately asked what is the impact of a name change for you as a user to understand what was the problem and you are turning it like if I insulted you. So apparently, for you "asking" means "not listening to the customers". How can I help you if I don't understand your problem (which is not mentioned in your original question)? Second, I asked what is the impact of a name change as a brand, not as a domain. I understand the implication that a domain change can have. I'm happy to hear that it's resolved. Third, I never said that it takes 1 month to evaluate, decide, and transfer all your data somewhere else. I said that it takes less than 1.5 month to go from online to on-premise where you can continue to use your system.


Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States

--Fabrice Henrion (fhe)--
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--Fabrice Henrion (fhe)--

Director Odoo Americas

Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States
5/18/14, 6:36 PM

Regarding the name change: As an end user, could you explain what consequence it has to not being informed in advance about a name change? Does it have consequences on how you manage your company? What kind of impact does this have on your organization? What would you have done differently if OpenERP SA had told you about the name change 6 months in advance? I don't understand what you would have done differently; it's just a name change.

Regarding the pricing change: You ARE being notified in advance. The new pricing will take effect for the contracts renewal that will take place after July 1st 2014. The majority of OpenERP Enterprise contracts are 1 year contracts. This means that Enterprise customers are being notified between 1.5 months and 13.5 months in advance before their renewal. This is a 7.5 months average. I believe it is a reasonable advance notice. For the customers who are on a monthly contract, they are being notified between 1.5 months and 2.5 months in advance. This means 2 months in advance on average. If they don't want to get into the new pricing (which for the most part of cloud users will actually be cheaper), this is more than enough to download their database backup and install on premise.

The rest of your questions are answered in the FAQ: https://www.odoo.com/page/FAQ-pricing

Ryan Halbgewachs Canada
5/17/14, 5:05 PM

horrible attitude of this rep Fabrice which does nothing but attack a user with serious concerns is pretty unprofessional

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