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Why web/action/load return domain contains python code from OpenERP 7.0?

Claud Kho
on 9/19/13, 4:53 AM 3,149 views

When i POST data to web/action/load from my Android device, i got following data:

{ "id" : "r482",
  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "result" : { "auto_refresh" : 0,
      "auto_search" : true,
      "context" : "{'search_default_in':1}",
      "domain" : "[('type','=','in'),('day','<=', time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')),('day','>',(context_today()-datetime.timedelta(days=15)).strftime('%Y-%m-%d'))]",
      "filter" : false,
      "flags" : {  },
      "groups_id" : [  ],
      "help" : false,
      "id" : 340,
      "limit" : 80,
      "multi" : false,
      "name" : "Incoming Products",
      "res_id" : 0,
      "res_model" : "report.stock.move",
      "search_view" : "{'name': u'report.stock.move.search', 'fields': {'categ_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Product Category', 'views': {}, 'relation': 'product.category', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one'}, 'product_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Product', 'views': {}, 'readonly': True, 'relation': 'product.product', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one'}, 'partner_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Partner', 'views': {}, 'readonly': True, 'relation': 'res.partner', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one'}, 'stock_journal': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Stock Journal', 'views': {}, 'relation': 'stock.journal', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one', 'select': True}, 'company_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Company', 'views': {}, 'readonly': True, 'relation': 'res.company', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one'}, 'location_dest_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Dest. Location', 'views': {}, 'readonly': True, 'relation': 'stock.location', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one', 'select': True, 'help': 'Location where the system will stock the finished products.'}, 'date': {'selectable': True, 'readonly': True, 'type': 'date', 'string': 'Date', 'views': {}}, 'location_id': {'domain': [], 'string': 'Source Location', 'views': {}, 'readonly': True, 'relation': 'stock.location', 'context': {}, 'selectable': True, 'type': 'many2one', 'select': True, 'help': 'Sets a location if you produce at a fixed location. This can be a partner location if you subcontract the manufacturing operations.'}}, 'arch': '<search string=\"Moves Analysis\">\\n                <filter string=\"Done\" name=\"done\" icon=\"terp-dialog-close\" domain=\"[(\\'state\\',\\'=\\',\\'done\\')]\" help=\"Completed Stock-Moves\"/>\\n                <filter string=\"Todo\" icon=\"terp-gtk-go-back-rtl\" domain=\"[(\\'state\\',\\'in\\',(\\'assigned\\',\\'waiting\\',\\'confirmed\\'))]\" help=\"Future Stock-Moves\"/>\\n                <separator/>\\n                <filter icon=\"terp-go-home\" name=\"in\" string=\"Incoming\" domain=\"[(\\'type\\',\\'=\\',\\'in\\')]\"/>\\n                <filter icon=\"terp-go-home\" name=\"internal\" string=\"Internal\" domain=\"[(\\'type\\',\\'=\\',\\'internal\\')]\"/>\\n                <filter icon=\"terp-go-home\" name=\"out\" string=\"Outgoing\" domain=\"[(\\'type\\',\\'=\\',\\'out\\')]\"/>\\n                <field name=\"product_id\" default_focus=\"1\" modifiers=\"{"readonly": true}\"/>\\n                <field name=\"partner_id\" context=\"{\\'contact_display\\':\\'partner\\'}\" modifiers=\"{"readonly": true}\"/>\\n                <group expand=\"0\" string=\"Extended Filters...\">\\n                    <field name=\"location_id\" modifiers=\"{"readonly": true}\"/>\\n                    <field name=\"location_dest_id\" modifiers=\"{"readonly": true}\"/>\\n                    <field name=\"categ_id\" modifiers=\"{}\"/>\\n                    <field name=\"stock_journal\" modifiers=\"{}\"/>\\n                    <field name=\"company_id\" invisible=\"1\" modifiers=\"{"invisible": true, "readonly": true}\"/>\\n                    <field name=\"date\" modifiers=\"{"readonly": true}\"/>\\n                </group>\\n                <group expand=\"1\" string=\"Group By...\">\\n                    <filter name=\"group_partner\" string=\"Partner\" icon=\"terp-partner\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'partner_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter name=\"group_categ_id\" string=\"Product Category\" icon=\"terp-stock_symbol-selection\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'categ_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter name=\"group_product\" string=\"Product\" icon=\"terp-accessories-archiver\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'product_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter name=\"group_picking\" string=\"Shipment\" icon=\"terp-accessories-archiver\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'picking_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Source Location\" name=\"src_location\" icon=\"terp-gtk-jump-to-rtl\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'location_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Dest. Location\" name=\"dest_location\" icon=\"terp-gtk-jump-to-ltr\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'location_dest_id\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Type\" name=\"group_type\" icon=\"terp-stock_symbol-selection\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'type\\'}\" help=\"Shipping type specify, goods coming in or going out\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Status\" name=\"group_state\" icon=\"terp-stock_effects-object-colorize\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'state\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Stock journal\" name=\"group_stock_journal\" icon=\"terp-folder-orange\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'stock_journal\\'}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Company\" name=\"group_state\" icon=\"terp-go-home\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'company_id\\'}\" invisible=\"1\" modifiers=\"{"invisible": true}\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Day\" icon=\"terp-go-today\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'day\\'}\" help=\"Day Planned\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Month\" icon=\"terp-go-month\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'date\\'}\" help=\"Month Planned\"/>\\n                    <filter string=\"Year\" icon=\"terp-go-year\" context=\"{\\'group_by\\':\\'year\\'}\" help=\"Year Planned\"/>\\n                </group>\\n            </search>', 'model': 'report.stock.move', 'type': u'search', 'view_id': 536, 'field_parent': False}",
      "search_view_id" : false,
      "src_model" : false,
      "target" : "current",
      "type" : "ir.actions.act_window",
      "usage" : false,
      "view_id" : [ 544,
      "view_ids" : [  ],
      "view_mode" : "graph,list",
      "views" : [ [ 544,
          [ false,

is there a way to convert the domain value to json array in following args:

{ "id" : "r507",
  "jsonrpc" : "2.0",
  "method" : "call",
  "params" : { "args" : [ [ [ "type",
            [ "day",
            [ "day",
            [ "type",
          [ "product_qty",
          [ "categ_id" ]
      "context" : { "lang" : "en_US",
          "tz" : "Europe/Brussels",
          "uid" : 1
      "kwargs" : { "context" : { "lang" : "en_US",
              "search_default_in" : 1,
              "tz" : "Europe/Brussels",
              "uid" : 1
            } },
      "method" : "read_group",
      "model" : "report.stock.move",
      "session_id" : "6a24b963778f436fbe4d901c1d27ac24"

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