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Andreas Brueckl
On 11/20/13, 11:50 AM

The reason for that is in located in the method fields_view_get_address in /addons/base/res/res_partner.py.

The partner views are dynamically changed based on the country of the current company. The tag <div class="address_format"> is replaced by one of the following values (depending on the address_format of the country):

    layouts = {
        '%(city)s %(state_code)s\n%(zip)s': """
            <div class="address_format">
                <field name="city" placeholder="City" style="width: 50%%"/>
                <field name="state_id" class="oe_no_button" placeholder="State" style="width: 47%%" options='{"no_open": true}'/>
                <field name="zip" placeholder="ZIP"/>
        '%(zip)s %(city)s': """
            <div class="address_format">
                <field name="zip" placeholder="ZIP" style="width: 40%%"/>
                <field name="city" placeholder="City" style="width: 57%%"/>
                <field name="state_id" class="oe_no_button" placeholder="State" options='{"no_open": true}'/>
        '%(city)s\n%(state_name)s\n%(zip)s': """
            <div class="address_format">
                <field name="city" placeholder="City"/>
                <field name="state_id" class="oe_no_button" placeholder="State" options='{"no_open": true}'/>
                <field name="zip" placeholder="ZIP"/>

I suggest to disable this "feature" by applying one of the following methods:

  1. Override the function fields_view_get_address:

    class res_partner(osv.osv):
       _inherit ='res.partner'
       def fields_view_get_address(self, cr, uid, arch, context={}):
            return arch
  2. Update the address_format in the country of your company:

    Goto menu "Sales/Configuration/Address Book/Localisation/Countries" and open the country of your company. Then you have to assure that the addess_format does not match one of the above formats. E.g. for Austria you can replace

    %(city)s %(state_code)s %(zip)s


    %(city)s XXX %(state_code)s %(zip)s
Michael Yeung
On 11/2/18, 10:38 PM

For the translation of Cities and States, you may apply two modules for them. However, they both do not support 7.0

base_address_city (11.0 / 12.0)
base_country_state_translatable (11.0 only for now)

5 years later this answer is more than useless.

Ermin Trevisan
on 11/3/18, 12:18 PM

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