Why does issue creation by email sometimes doesn't work?


Under which conditions an incoming email does create an project issue and when not?

In general, the feature works for me, but it seems, that if internal users write an email to no issue is created, only when external customers write to this address. The email ends up, however, in the system, e.g. one can see it in the archive, including attachments. Is this a wrong configuration on my side?

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I have the same problem. Mails from the company domain are not fetched to an issue

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Michael Karrer
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The problem is the order in which the E-Mail Aliases are checked:

  1. There is already a thread with this E-Mail (wins over everything else as far as i tested it)

  2. direct alias match eg. is a direct alias match since this alias was generated when the user is created

  3. if there is no direct alias match - create an issue (or whatever was set up for support@

if there is a direct alias match no issue is created but just a message to the user. This is odd since because of this behaviour it is really unpredictable for the normal user. Even worse if a user "moves" an E-Mail from his Mailbox on the Mailserver to the support@ Mailbox it will not create an issue but just an E-Mail in OpenERP

I really would suggest to change the order of the alias matching so that OpenERP gets predictable for the average user.