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Yenthe Van Ginneken
On 1/12/18, 8:36 AM

Hi Max,

Let me try to answer all your questions piece by piece.

The manufacturing modules (such as MRP etc) are all enterprise apps. 
When you're talking about an ERP system that has to last for a long term, 10 years atleast as you're saying, it means that you will need to keep evolving your ERP. You'll most likely want to have every new version for the new features and the improvements that every version knows. When you buy the enterprise version you also get access to support from Odoo itself, which can be an added bonus on the long run. 

If you would choose for the community version from Odoo you would not have access to multiple apps you probably need, such as MRP. You could by-pass this by installing a community version and adding a lot of open source apps to your Odoo instance (for example from https://github.com/oca ) but this requires quite some technical and functional knowledge.
Another problem that you would face if you would take the community version is that there is no easy upgrading tool. You could look at the open source alternative named OpenUpgrade but do know that you'll need quite some technical knowledge and that you'll need to migrate the module for yourself.

As to your question about the difference between the SaaS, community and enterprise version:
- The community version is the free version of Odoo which has no extra fees or cost for your users.
- The Enterprise version has a monthly, recurring, cost for your users and in return you get free database upgrades and access to all the apps.
- The SaaS version in the Odoo enterprise version but it runs on the servers from Odoo. It is a cloud based Odoo enterprise solution that removes managing all hardware and updates. Odoo handles this for you.

You can find more information about the pricing at https://www.odoo.com/pricing and more information about the different versions at https://www.odoo.com/page/editions

Regarding your question about running the Odoo on tablets to manage workstations and handling of the orders: this is pretty much possible by default in the enterprise version. It fully scales mobile and there are views customized for tablets (see the barcode app for example).

I hope this helps.


Xavier Brochard
On 1/12/18, 10:56 AM

It will be much easier to install if you download the community version from Odoo

  • either from dedicated page https://accounts.odoo.com/fr_FR/page/download

  • or from nightly builds  https://nightly.odoo.com/ 

Documentation it at https://www.odoo.com/documentation/11.0/setup/install.html 

Before going to production you will want to look at "Deploying Odoo" documentation in Docs/Developer

Obviously, older community versions have more free apps than newer. Odoo CE 10.0 would be a good choice.

On 1/13/18, 4:13 AM

Hi Max,

I will be available to guide you either to install the community version on-premise or On-cloud. If you need a any unique feature we will be glad to assist.


On 1/12/18, 8:55 AM

Thanks a lot for your answer, things a more clear now.
We already have an ERP running in our group. Our CEO doesn't want to migrate the complete current ERP (IBM) to Odoo. We want to keep the actual ERP and use Odoo as MRP only (Odoo will manage only our plant production, not the others sites of our group)
If we use the SaaS version, I'm afraid one day Odoo will stop this service, and also we want to keep the control on our datas into an internal server, so I think this solution is not the best for us.
If we use the Entreprise version it will be adapted to our needs, but as our company employs 100 workers, I'm afraid the cost will be too high.
If we use Community version, we can't access the MRP entreprise app we want to use, but we could find an alternative as a community module.
At this moment I'm trying to install the community version from Github to get familiar with the sofware.
I'm confortable with computers normally, but the installation seems more difficult than usually.
Do you have a link to a clear step by step tutorial for the community version ?
I've searched on the web but I didn't find something clear. Can you help ?

I've got an installation script that handles almost everything for you. Have a look at https://github.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript

Yenthe Van Ginneken
on 1/13/18, 3:35 AM


Thanks for you answer, I have downloaded the Git client but when I try to download the script, the Git client doesn't recognize the sentence :

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript/11.0/odoo_install.sh

I get :

Martin@Rogue MINGW64 /

$ sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Yenthe666/InstallScript/11.0/odoo_install.sh

bash: sudo: command not found

Can you help please ?

on 1/16/18, 5:46 AM

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