Which version of ‘odoo’ : 8 , 9 or 10?


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In our organization we use OPEN ERP Ver6.1 for about 300 employee and now, we want to upgrade to higher versions of ‘odoo’ , but we have some problem to do it. We will be happy and grateful if you can help us.

Here are the problems:


1 – Which version of ‘odoo’ is  stable, 8 , 9 or 10?

2 – What is the difference between ver.8 and ver.9? (by detail please)

3 – In every version (8 , 9 and 10) focus is on what modules or what features?

4 - How can we have a support contract with ‘Odoo’ ? How much it will cost for us?

5 – Which version of Odoo has ‘Bugfix’ feature? And does ‘Odoo’ have any support on this feature?

6 – If we use ‘Odoo9 community’, does Odoo support us? And if Odoo9 community is stable or not? It is possible buy some modules of enterprise version and use on community version?

7 – What is the difference between ‘Odoo V9 community’ and ‘Odoo V9 Enterprise’?

8 – We need to use sun(shamsi) calendar in user interface, so does Odoo has same module ? or can they design is for us? How much it will cost for us?

9 – What is the correct way to install Odoo server to be more stable and secure?

 10 – Witch OS is more suitable for Odoo server? And if the answer is Linux , witch version of Linux for witch version of Odoo?

11 – What is the best database for Odoo? Can I use Oracle or SQL server instead of Postgresql?

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We highly recommend version 9. To answer your questions:

  1. Odoo 8 and Odoo 9 are stable. Odoo 10 is not released yet.

  2. There are a lot of differences in v8 and v9. Main improvements are described in the release note (but, in addition to this, there are a lof of small details that are cleaner in v9)

  3. For v9, see the release note. The main focus were accounting, mobile, inventory (barcode readers). Odoo 10 is not released yet, it's better not to wait for it.

  4. The service of Odoo for on premise installation is called "Odoo Enterprise". The service provides: unlimited bugfixes support, migration of your version from 6.1 to v9 and access to Odoo 9 Enterprise. You can buy it online at   or contact us: Once you have purchased Odoo Enterprise, you can upload your database and we upgrade it for you (might take a few weeks the first time as we check a lot of things manually). Once you have a contract, you will be able to upload your database here:

  5. The "bugfix" feature is the "Project Issue" app, available since v7.

  6. Odoo SA does not provide service or support on Odoo Community. Odoo 9 community is stable.It's not possible to buy some modules of Odoo Enteprrise and use them on community.

  7. Differences between Odoo 9 COmmunity & Enterprise are here:   In short, you will probably need Enterprise if you use accounting, inventory barcodes, or mobile UI.

  8. Odoo SA does not develop modules on demand. You have to contact a partner if you want development services.

  9. See the documentation (top menu)

  10. See the documentation (top menu)

  11. Odoo only supports PostgreSQL

Note that version 6.1 is not maintained anymore.

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