Which information is public in the messaging system on the bottom of documents?

How do we determine which information is public in the new messaging system below several OpenERP documents? Can it be used as an internal system? How do you handle confidential information in combination with this system?

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The messaging system is public for followers of documents. If the customer is a follower, he can read all posts if he has access to the document. If he does not have access to the document, he will receive a notification by email on all posted/email message. By default he does not receive a notification for automatic messages like change of state but each follower can choose which kind of info he wants to follow by using subtypes.

The note field, available on the page of each document, can be used to write internal/private notes. If this field is used, only people who have full access to the document (hr manager for applicants, sales user for opportunity,...) have the right to see it.


Please note that if the customer portal is installed and that a customer is a portal user, he will have access to all its messages using its Inbox. Security rules apply to the Inbox, meaning he won't gain read access to the document using the messages if the rules do not give it to him.

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