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Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
On 2/10/13, 6:03 AM

You can find the list of modules that have been removed in version 7 in the release note:

I confirm crmcaldav has been removed as it does not fit anymore with the new OpenERP quality standards. We have no plan to redevelop crmcaldav for now on.

For the record, we ported crm_caldav to v7 but we put it in a community branch to allow contributors to maintain it if they need it.

@Fabien Pinckaers: i had a look in extra addons, but could not find any ported module for crm. Could you tell me a link please? Greets from the baltic sea

Maik Steinfeld
on 2/10/14, 8:41 AM

Its a shame to remove important functionality.

Anders Wallenquist
on 3/2/14, 6:41 PM
Michael Karrer
On 6/6/13, 11:12 AM

crm_caldav would not even install in 7.0!

So at the moment we see no way to sync any android, ios (iphone, ipad) or windows phone client with OpenERP 7.0. Which makes the CRM Part useless for a lot of companies.

This is especially frustrating since it is clearly mentioned in the documentation of OpenERP 7.0:

Of course, you can access this OpenERP calendar from your smartphone. For more information about this feature, please refer to chapter ch-sync1.

Unfortunately there is no chapter ch-sync1!

Please !!! stop lying in the docu !!! and only describe the features that really work!

Don't get me wrong - i do like and strongly support OpenERP but this behavior of featuring functionality that is not there should be STOPPED immediately!

Sven Anders
On 3/3/15, 11:59 AM


I've too stumbled over the missing CalDAV functionality.

Originally I compared different ERPs and one of the main criteria was support for CalDAV and CardDAV. In a comparison I saw that at least CalDAV is integrated and there is an module for CardDAV. So I took it for granted, that such an important feature is integrated, but now I have to learn (after testing Odoo several hours) that CalDAV support was removed? What a shame!

I hope at least one O in Odoo still stands for Open and I hope you will still support open standards (like CalDAV and CardDAV) in the future! Apple and Google are using these standards too...

Does anybody still developing CalDAV support?

Martin Schubert
On 1/23/14, 11:26 AM

We are Bi-Directional syncing OpenERP v7 with Smartphones using OwnCloud.

OwnCloud syncs Contacts, Calendars und Files by standard protocols with

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows

Setup a sync Job using Talend Open Studio or contact me at martin@simplified-computing.de if you need help.

Is your Talend Open Studio Setup also "Open Source" or available somewhere? In any case i would really like to get in touch with you! I tried to send you an E-Mail from my gmail account but i guess it never reached you? Please contact me at michaelkarrer81@gmail.com

Michael Karrer
on 2/10/14, 10:40 AM

Hello Martin, I would also be interested in the sync between OpenERP and OwnCloud. Is there a possibility to download the talend-job anywhere, do you share it? Thanks!

InoX-Tech GmbH, Michael Döderlein
on 3/21/14, 3:54 PM

And what about Odoo v8? Which "Talend Open Studio" components did you use?

Sven Anders
on 3/4/15, 4:38 AM

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