What would be best Hardware Setup for a Small-Restaurant POS-Solution with need of 3 Printers (2 Kitchen, 1 Client)?

Dieter Huelskamp

I googled  about hardware requirements and differences between Cloud and Local Hosting for a  Restaurant/Cafe use case.  I guess, if I host odoo in the cloud, I would need a terminal, that runs a web browser and has internet connection anyhow, because posbox is said not to connect to internet directly...  So could i connect 3 printers directly to one terminal? Is there any other good need for PosBox, exept opening a second terminal? How would I connect my 3 pinters on the 2 usb-ports of posbox then??? What Hardware for terminal or local server is recommendable? Are there hardware specs I could not get googling? Thanks for any recommendation or aclaration.