What are chaining types and chained locations in OpenERP warehouse management ?


I am not very good in understanding warehouse management. please can someone explain the concept of chained locations, chained location types and chaining types and how does it work..?

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Marc Cassuto
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Locations in OpenERP can be linked between each other to define paths followed by products. So you can define rules such as: all products that enter the warehouse should automatically be sent to quality control. The warehouse and quality control are represented by two different locations.

Then when a product arrives in a location, OpenERP can automatically suggest that you send the product to another linked location. Three link modes are available:

  • Manual Operation,
  • Automatic Move, -Automatic No Step Added.

The Manual Operation mode will create an internal move order to the linked location once products arrive in the source locations. This order will wait for a confirmation of the move by a user. This enables you to have a list of moves to do, proposed by the system and confirmed by the storesperson.

The Automatic Move mode will do the same, but will not wait for a confirmation from the user. Products will automatically be sent to the linked location without any intervening manual operation to do. This corresponds to the case where, for simplicity, you delete a step in the process so the end user can set off the process automatically.

The Automatic No Step Added mode will not include the additional stock move, but will change the destination move transparently to assign the linked location. You could then assign a destination location to which you send all the products that arrive in your warehouse. The storesperson will modify the goods receipt note.

The complete documentation is here :


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