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[v8] how to export list of installed modules?

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I want to export a list of all installed modules (no matter where they come from) including the Module name and the technical name.

I went to >Settings > local Modules and filtered them by 'installed'. In the list view I choose 'more' and then 'export'. In the export dialog I select all available items to export and get a csv which does not seem to include any module which is not a base OpenERP S.A. module. Neither the Module Name, nor the technical name is listed.

how can I get what I want (a list of all installed modules, including Module names & technical names)?


Ray Carnes

--Ray Carnes--
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--Ray Carnes--

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Completed Odoo Functional and Technical Training.

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  • Version Upgrades and Migration.

  • Accounting Expert.

I have over 20 years of experience empowering and enabling users with enterprise information systems that make a real and measurable difference in their ability to proactively manage their businesses and organizations. 

I am a skilled Communicator and I only take the serious things seriously!

Ray Carnes
On 9/22/14, 6:41 PM

Be sure to click on the record indicator to make sure you are showing more than the first 80 records, so that your export will include all modules (the first 80 will give you just Odoo modules)

In the Export Dialog, be sure to select 'Export All Data' from the Export Type drop down and select Display Name and Technical Name to get a list like this:

External ID, Display Name, Technical Name
base.module_crm, CRM, crm
base.module_mail, Social Network, mail
base.module_account_voucher, Online Billing, account_voucher
base.module_hw_proxy, Hardware Proxy, hw_proxy
base.module_hw_scale, Weighting Scale Hardware Driver, hw_scale
base.module_point_of_sale, Point of Sale, point_of_sale
base.module_pos_discount, Point of Sale Discounts, pos_discount
base.module_pos_restaurant, Restaurant, pos_restaurant
base.module_project, Project Management, project
base.module_note, Notes, note
base.module_project_issue, Issue Tracking, project_issue
base.module_account_accountant, Accounting and Finance, account_accountant
base.module_survey, Survey, survey
base.module_sale, Sales Management, sale
base.module_sale_layout, Sale Layout, sale_layout
base.module_stock, Warehouse Management, stock
base.module_stock_account, WMS Accounting, stock_account
base.module_stock_landed_costs, WMS Landed Costs, stock_landed_costs
base.module_im_chat, Instant Messaging, im_chat
base.module_mrp, MRP, mrp
base.module_crm_project_issue, Lead to Issue, crm_project_issue
base.module_purchase, Purchase Management, purchase
base.module_hr, Employee Directory, hr
base.module_hr_timesheet, Time Tracking, hr_timesheet
base.module_hr_timesheet_sheet, Timesheets, hr_timesheet_sheet
base.module_hr_applicant_document, Applicant Resumes and Letters, hr_applicant_document
base.module_hr_recruitment, Recruitment Process, hr_recruitment
base.module_hr_holidays, Leave Management, hr_holidays
base.module_hr_expense, Expense Tracker, hr_expense
base.module_hr_evaluation, Employee Appraisals, hr_evaluation
base.module_account_asset, Assets Management, account_asset
base.module_hr_payroll, Payroll, hr_payroll
base.module_account, eInvoicing, account
base.module_account_analytic_analysis, Contracts Management, account_analytic_analysis
base.module_account_analytic_default, Account Analytic Defaults, account_analytic_default
base.module_account_analytic_plans, Multiple Analytic Plans, account_analytic_plans
base.module_account_anglo_saxon, Anglo-Saxon Accounting, account_anglo_saxon
base.module_account_bank_statement_extensions, Bank Statement Extensions to Support e-banking, account_bank_statement_extensions
base.module_account_budget, Budgets Management, account_budget
base.module_account_cancel, Cancel Journal Entries, account_cancel
base.module_account_chart, Template of Charts of Accounts, account_chart
base.module_account_check_writing, Check Writing, account_check_writing
base.module_account_followup, Payment Follow-up Management, account_followup
base.module_account_payment, Suppliers Payment Management, account_payment
base.module_account_sequence, Entries Sequence Numbering, account_sequence
base.module_account_test, Accounting Consistency Tests, account_test
base.module_analytic, Analytic Accounting, analytic
base.module_analytic_contract_hr_expense, Contracts Management: hr_expense link, analytic_contract_hr_expense
base.module_analytic_user_function, Jobs on Contracts, analytic_user_function
base.module_anonymization, Database Anonymization, anonymization
base.module_association, Associations Management, association
base.module_auth_crypt, Password Encryption, auth_crypt
base.module_auth_oauth, OAuth2 Authentication, auth_oauth
base.module_auth_openid, OpenID Authentification, auth_openid
base.module_auth_signup, Signup, auth_signup
base.module_base, Base, base
base.module_base_action_rule, Automated Action Rules, base_action_rule
base.module_base_geolocalize, Partners Geo-Localization, base_geolocalize
base.module_base_iban, IBAN Bank Accounts, base_iban
base.module_base_import, Base import, base_import
base.module_base_import_module, Base import module, base_import_module
base.module_base_report_designer, OpenOffice Report Designer, base_report_designer
base.module_base_setup, Initial Setup Tools, base_setup
base.module_base_vat, VAT Number Validation, base_vat
base.module_board, Dashboards, board
base.module_bus, IM Bus, bus
base.module_calendar, Calendar, calendar
base.module_claim_from_delivery, Claim on Deliveries, claim_from_delivery
base.module_contacts, Address Book, contacts
base.module_crm_claim, Claims Management, crm_claim
base.module_crm_helpdesk, Helpdesk, crm_helpdesk
base.module_crm_mass_mailing, Campaign in Mass Mailing, crm_mass_mailing
base.module_crm_partner_assign, Partner Assignation & Geolocation, crm_partner_assign
base.module_crm_profiling, Customer Profiling, crm_profiling
base.module_decimal_precision, Decimal Precision Configuration, decimal_precision
base.module_delivery, Delivery Costs, delivery
base.module_document, Document Management System, document
base.module_edi, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), edi
base.module_email_template, Email Templates, email_template
base.module_event, Events Organisation, event
base.module_event_sale, Events Sales, event_sale
base.module_fetchmail, Email Gateway, fetchmail
base.module_gamification, Gamification, gamification
base.module_gamification_sale_crm, CRM Gamification, gamification_sale_crm
base.module_google_account, Google Users, google_account
base.module_google_calendar, Google Calendar, google_calendar
base.module_google_drive, Google Driveâ„¢ integration, google_drive
base.module_google_spreadsheet, Google Spreadsheet, google_spreadsheet
base.module_hr_attendance, Attendances, hr_attendance
base.module_hr_contract, Employee Contracts, hr_contract
base.module_hr_gamification, HR Gamification, hr_gamification
base.module_hr_payroll_account, Payroll Accounting, hr_payroll_account
base.module_hr_timesheet_invoice, Invoice on Timesheets, hr_timesheet_invoice
base.module_im_livechat, Live Chat, im_livechat
base.module_knowledge, Knowledge Management System, knowledge
base.module_l10n_ae, U.A.E. - Accounting, l10n_ae
base.module_l10n_ar, Argentina Localization Chart Account, l10n_ar
base.module_l10n_at, Austria - Accounting, l10n_at
base.module_l10n_be, Belgium - Accounting, l10n_be
base.module_l10n_be_coda, Belgium - Import Bank CODA Statements, l10n_be_coda
base.module_l10n_be_hr_payroll, Belgium - Payroll, l10n_be_hr_payroll
base.module_l10n_be_hr_payroll_account, Belgium - Payroll with Accounting, l10n_be_hr_payroll_account
base.module_l10n_be_invoice_bba, Belgium - Structured Communication, l10n_be_invoice_bba
base.module_l10n_bo, Bolivia Localization Chart Account, l10n_bo
base.module_l10n_br, Brazilian - Accounting, l10n_br
base.module_l10n_ca, Canada - Accounting, l10n_ca
base.module_l10n_ch, Switzerland - Accounting, l10n_ch
base.module_l10n_cl, Chile Localization Chart Account, l10n_cl
base.module_l10n_cn, 中国会计科目表, l10n_cn
base.module_l10n_co, Colombian - Accounting, l10n_co
base.module_l10n_cr, Costa Rica - Accounting, l10n_cr
base.module_l10n_de, Deutschland - Accounting, l10n_de
base.module_l10n_do, Dominican Republic - Accounting, l10n_do
base.module_l10n_ec, Ecuador - Accounting, l10n_ec
base.module_l10n_es, Spanish Charts of Accounts (PGCE 2008), l10n_es
base.module_l10n_et, Ethiopia - Accounting, l10n_et
base.module_l10n_fr, France - Accounting, l10n_fr
base.module_l10n_fr_hr_payroll, French Payroll, l10n_fr_hr_payroll
base.module_l10n_fr_rib, French RIB Bank Details, l10n_fr_rib
base.module_l10n_gr, Greece - Accounting, l10n_gr
base.module_l10n_gt, Guatemala - Accounting, l10n_gt
base.module_l10n_hn, Honduras - Accounting, l10n_hn
base.module_l10n_hr, Croatia - RRIF 2012 COA, l10n_hr
base.module_l10n_hu, Hungarian - Accounting, l10n_hu
base.module_l10n_in, Indian - Accounting, l10n_in
base.module_l10n_in_hr_payroll, Indian Payroll, l10n_in_hr_payroll
base.module_l10n_it, Italy - Accounting, l10n_it
base.module_l10n_lu, Luxembourg - Accounting, l10n_lu
base.module_l10n_ma, Maroc - Accounting, l10n_ma
base.module_l10n_multilang, Multi Language Chart of Accounts, l10n_multilang
base.module_l10n_mx, Mexico - Accounting, l10n_mx
base.module_l10n_nl, Netherlands - Accounting, l10n_nl
base.module_l10n_no, Norway - Chart of Accounts, l10n_no
base.module_l10n_pa, Panama Localization Chart Account, l10n_pa
base.module_l10n_pe, Peru Localization Chart Account, l10n_pe
base.module_l10n_pl, Poland - Accounting, l10n_pl
base.module_l10n_pt, Portugal - Chart of Accounts, l10n_pt
base.module_l10n_ro, Romania - Accounting, l10n_ro
base.module_l10n_sg, Singapore - Accounting, l10n_sg
base.module_l10n_si, Slovenian - Accounting, l10n_si
base.module_l10n_syscohada, OHADA - Accounting, l10n_syscohada
base.module_l10n_th, Thailand - Accounting, l10n_th
base.module_l10n_tr, Turkey - Accounting, l10n_tr
base.module_l10n_uk, UK - Accounting, l10n_uk
base.module_l10n_us, United States - Chart of accounts, l10n_us
base.module_l10n_uy, Uruguay - Chart of Accounts, l10n_uy
base.module_l10n_ve, Venezuela - Accounting, l10n_ve
base.module_l10n_vn, Vietnam Chart of Accounts, l10n_vn
base.module_lunch, Lunch Orders, lunch
base.module_marketing, Marketing, marketing
base.module_marketing_campaign, Marketing Campaigns, marketing_campaign
base.module_marketing_campaign_crm_demo, Marketing Campaign - Demo, marketing_campaign_crm_demo
base.module_marketing_crm, Marketing in CRM, marketing_crm
base.module_mass_mailing, Mass Mailing Campaigns, mass_mailing
base.module_membership, Membership Management, membership
base.module_mrp_byproduct, MRP Byproducts, mrp_byproduct
base.module_mrp_operations, Manufacturing Operations, mrp_operations
base.module_mrp_repair, Repairs Management, mrp_repair
base.module_multi_company, Multi-Company, multi_company
base.module_note_pad, Memos pad, note_pad
base.module_pad, Collaborative Pads, pad
base.module_pad_project, Pad on tasks, pad_project
base.module_payment, Payment Acquirer, payment
base.module_payment_adyen, Adyen Payment Acquirer, payment_adyen
base.module_payment_buckaroo, Buckaroo Payment Acquirer, payment_buckaroo
base.module_payment_ogone, Ogone Payment Acquirer, payment_ogone
base.module_payment_paypal, Paypal Payment Acquirer, payment_paypal
base.module_payment_transfer, Transfer Payment Acquirer, payment_transfer
base.module_portal, Portal, portal
base.module_portal_claim, Portal Claim, portal_claim
base.module_portal_gamification, Portal Gamification, portal_gamification
base.module_portal_project, Portal Project, portal_project
base.module_portal_project_issue, Portal Issue, portal_project_issue
base.module_portal_sale, Portal Sale, portal_sale
base.module_portal_stock, Portal Stock, portal_stock
base.module_procurement, Procurements, procurement
base.module_procurement_jit, Just In Time Scheduling, procurement_jit
base.module_product, Products & Pricelists, product
base.module_product_email_template, Product Email Template, product_email_template
base.module_product_expiry, Products Expiry Date, product_expiry
base.module_product_extended, Product extension to track sales and purchases, product_extended
base.module_product_margin, Margins by Products, product_margin
base.module_product_visible_discount, Prices Visible Discounts, product_visible_discount
base.module_project_issue_sheet, Timesheet on Issues, project_issue_sheet
base.module_project_timesheet, Bill Time on Tasks, project_timesheet
base.module_purchase_analytic_plans, Purchase Analytic Plans, purchase_analytic_plans
base.module_purchase_double_validation, Double Validation on Purchases, purchase_double_validation
base.module_purchase_requisition, Purchase Requisitions, purchase_requisition
base.module_report, Report, report
base.module_report_intrastat, Intrastat Reporting, report_intrastat
base.module_report_webkit, Webkit Report Engine, report_webkit
base.module_resource, Resource, resource
base.module_sale_analytic_plans, Sales Analytic Distribution, sale_analytic_plans
base.module_sale_crm, Opportunity to Quotation, sale_crm
base.module_sale_journal, Invoicing Journals, sale_journal
base.module_sale_margin, Margins in Sales Orders, sale_margin
base.module_sale_mrp, Sales and MRP Management, sale_mrp
base.module_sale_order_dates, Dates on Sales Order, sale_order_dates
base.module_sale_service, Create Tasks on SO, sale_service
base.module_sale_stock, Sales and Warehouse Management, sale_stock
base.module_sales_team, Sale Team, sales_team
base.module_share, Share any Document, share
base.module_stock_dropshipping, Drop Shipping, stock_dropshipping
base.module_stock_invoice_directly, Invoice Picking Directly, stock_invoice_directly
base.module_stock_picking_wave, Warehouse Management: Waves, stock_picking_wave
base.module_subscription, Recurring Documents, subscription
base.module_survey_crm, Survey CRM, survey_crm
base.module_test_access_rights, test of access rights and rules, test_access_rights
base.module_test_convert, test_convert, test_convert
base.module_test_converter, test-field-converter, test_converter
base.module_test_documentation_examples, Documentation examples test, test_documentation_examples
base.module_test_exceptions, test-exceptions, test_exceptions
base.module_test_impex, test-import-export, test_impex
base.module_test_inherit, test-inherit, test_inherit
base.module_test_limits, test-limits, test_limits
base.module_test_new_api, Test New API, test_new_api
base.module_test_uninstall, test-uninstall, test_uninstall
base.module_test_workflow, test-workflow, test_workflow
base.module_warning, Warning Messages and Alerts, warning
base.module_web, Web, web
base.module_web_analytics, Google Analytics, web_analytics
base.module_web_api, OpenERP Web API, web_api
base.module_web_calendar, Web Calendar, web_calendar
base.module_web_diagram, OpenERP Web Diagram, web_diagram
base.module_web_gantt, Web Gantt, web_gantt
base.module_web_graph, Graph Views, web_graph
base.module_web_kanban, Base Kanban, web_kanban
base.module_web_kanban_gauge, Gauge Widget for Kanban, web_kanban_gauge
base.module_web_kanban_sparkline, Sparkline Widget for Kanban, web_kanban_sparkline
base.module_web_linkedin, LinkedIn Integration, web_linkedin
base.module_web_tests, Tests, web_tests
base.module_web_tests_demo, Demonstration of web/javascript tests, web_tests_demo
base.module_web_view_editor, View Editor, web_view_editor
base.module_website, Website Builder, website
base.module_website_blog, Blogs, website_blog
base.module_website_certification, Certified People, website_certification
base.module_website_crm, Contact Form, website_crm
base.module_website_crm_partner_assign, Resellers, website_crm_partner_assign
base.module_website_customer, Customer References, website_customer
base.module_website_event, Online Events, website_event
base.module_website_event_sale, Online Event's Tickets, website_event_sale
base.module_website_event_track, Advanced Events, website_event_track
base.module_website_forum, Forum, website_forum
base.module_website_forum_doc, Documentation, website_forum_doc
base.module_website_google_map, Website Google Map, website_google_map
base.module_website_hr, Team Page, website_hr
base.module_website_hr_recruitment, Jobs, website_hr_recruitment
base.module_website_instantclick, Website Instantclick, website_instantclick
base.module_website_livechat, Website Live Support, website_livechat
base.module_website_mail, Website Mail, website_mail
base.module_website_mail_group, Mailing List Archive, website_mail_group
base.module_website_membership, Associations: Members, website_membership
base.module_website_partner, Website Partner, website_partner
base.module_website_payment, Payment: Website Integration, website_payment
base.module_website_project, Public Projects, website_project
base.module_website_quote, Online Proposals, website_quote
base.module_website_report, Website Report, website_report
base.module_website_sale, eCommerce, website_sale
base.module_website_sale_delivery, eCommerce Delivery, website_sale_delivery
base.module_website_sale_options, eCommerce Optional Products, website_sale_options
base.module_website_twitter, Twitter Roller, website_twitter
base.module_fleet, Fleet Management, fleet


sounds reasonable, will try it shortly ... one thought: what benefit is there from limiting the output to first 80 by default?

on 9/22/14, 8:00 PM

gunnar, they probably only show the 80 first record for speed. The more records you want to load in the slower Odoo will be and the more time it'll need.

on 9/23/14, 2:50 AM
On 12/24/15, 4:49 AM

is it somehow possible to use a list of addons to automatically install them into a different database?

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