Tutorial on module creation: POS Usecase, french+english

Thierry Godin

Hello all,

I finally translated the tutorial I made in french language that you can find here :

French version is here :

I've not enough karma, but you 'll know how to go there.

Now, the English version is here :

Beware : My native language is French. I have a few kowledge in English speaking, so I used Google Translator sometimes to help me. If you find some mispelling or bad translation, feel free to post here, I'll make correction ASAP. I hope this is well understandable.

Also, as I'm not an OpenERP Guru, so maybe you may find a better way to do a thing or write a function. So , do not hesitate to comment .

Also, I created a new account here because my other account was made with a email address that is owned by the company I worked, but I just lost my job today ....

Best regards


Wow, good job.

Pour info, on engage des développeurs chez OpenERP Belgique. Le problème c'est qu'il faut travailler en Belgique. Si cela vous intéresse:

Thierry Godin

Merci Mr Pinckaers. Je vous contacte très rapidement. Cordialement.

William Crandell

I have only skimmed ( a quick look at) your document and I liked the content. I will have to read through it all the way, thank you for the documentation.