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I needed a better customer statement solution, so I hire and paid for a new app from one of odoo contributors.  it works very good!!  I want to give back to the community that gave me so much, so I asked him to upload it on github, here is the link  


 to install:

unzip file, add the folder in your addon file, in my case using centos 7 and odoo 9 it is located at /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/openerp/addonsthen login, push on about (under the admin name on top right, and click to activate the developer mode. then go to settings, and click on update app list.  once done, now search for overdue timeframe and click install.

now that its installed, go to sales tab, on the bottom left, you will see overdue timeframe, you can customer the timeframes, so in my case i put the name 1-10, starting at 0 days till day 10 and the color code i left blank.

i create 3 more time frames, the second one was from 11-20, then a third from 21-30 and the last one 30 > (starting 30 and ending 0)

the last one i put a color code of red 0000FF, so anything that is older than 31 days shows up on the report in RED color in the printed PDF, not standard black.  (thats what the color code means)

now if you go to customers (under sales), click on the customer you need to make the statment, then the drop down print  menu has an option called customer statements, click that and you will see the generated report!!

there is a part called REFERENCE on the report, this is the reference that you can type manually by the sales order or invoice under the other tab, so for my case i put my clients PO number there, so it prints those references for my clients to know how to match their PO with my invoices.

the report ONLY generates what is in open status, NOT what is already paid, just what is NOT yet paid.

if you want a full report like the one that comes with odoo 9, in the same customers print menu option there is the standard overdue payments option which shows everything about the client, all paid and non paid, every movement for that client.


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Ermin Trevisan

Cool, thank you for sharing it.