Transient Model Clean up? [Closed]

Gavin Yap

Hi All,

I have a question.

How does a Transient Models clean up? 

I'm worrying that the transient models grows big and unmanageable.


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Hello Gavin,

Transient model data cleans up automatically by scheduled cron job in Odoo.

Go to menu Settings >> Technical >> Automation >> Schedule Actions and you will able to see cron record for to clean up Transient model data. If not activated in your instance, please activate it. At specified duration, system will clean all your Transient data.

Technical Note :  Though name contains "osv_memory" it doesn't means it will not clean up latest styled "Transient" models in V8. System will clean all the V8 styled "Transient" models.

For proof, you can go to file /addons/base/ir/ and you will see following class,

class osv_memory_autovacuum(openerp.osv.osv.osv_memory):
    """ Expose the osv_memory.vacuum() method to the cron jobs mechanism. """
    _name = 'osv_memory.autovacuum'
    def power_on(self, cr, uid, context=None):
        for model in self.pool.models.values():
            if model.is_transient():
                model._transient_vacuum(cr, uid, force=True)
        return True

As per "Bold" lines on above code, system will vacuum all the Transient models too. 

Hope we made your confusion 100% clear now,


Gavin Yap

Thanks Emipro. Looking at the Sechdule Action name, it suggest that if I use osv_memory to define my objects then the autovacuum will kick in. I'm coding in v8 and so I'm using models.Transient. And a bried look at odoov8 code does not seems that the models.Transient is a inheritance of osv_memory (I may be wrong?). So my question is does the above autovacuum works for models.Transient ?

@Gavin, I have updated my answer ! Hope this confusion will clear now.

Gavin Yap

Thanks Emipro. Cheers.