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Daniel Reis

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--Daniel Reis--

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Daniel Reis
4/11/13, 12:51 PM

Unlike other opinions, I think that a good IDE is very important: it can make you more productive and help you spot errors and bugs.

Personally, I switch between Windows and Ubuntu desktops, so it should be platform independent.

Regarding Python code:

I have tried Eclipse with PyDev but I feel like it's too "heavy" for me.

I use NinjaIDE has a nice look and feel, and proactively checks your code, including PEP8. On the downside, it's rather recent and I feel that it still misses some features.

image description

Sometimes I go back to Spyder IDE - not as sexy as NinjaIDE but it's loaded with features and still an excellent option.

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You will also be editing a lot of XML, for views, reports, data, etc. So it's good to have a good XML editor, or you'll only discover you forgot to close a tag when you test the form in your browser.

AFAIK Pyhton IDEs usually don't do a great job here, and I haven't found a good cross-platform solution for this. Most of the time I use simple editors such as gedit on Ubuntu and Notepad++ on Windows. On Windows WMHelp XmlPad has given good service on validating XML correctness, but I'm not sure it's under development any more.

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Lorenzo Cabrini
4/11/13, 1:15 PM

My only gripe with an IDE is the I. I think we all use a development environment that makes us more productive and helps us find errors. For somebody this means a tool like Eclipse. In my case it means vim, zsh and the slew of tools that a BSD or Linux system gives to me. I've written loads of shell and python scripts that help me to more productive, I use vim plugins that make my editor behave and I've crafted my vim and zsh configuration files. It may take some time to set up, but the end result is very pleasant and does not eat up all of your RAM.

Daniel Reis
4/11/13, 1:21 PM

Vim can be a great tool - it's cross-platform, stands as a full featured IDE with the right plugins, and can be unbeatable in the productivity chapter. I'm just not experienced enough with it to recommend it myself, and you must recognize that the learning curve is not for everyone.

Daniel Reis
10/10/13, 8:55 AM

UPDATE: I was finally conquered by Vim and seldom use any of the above now.

David Béal
3/11/13, 7:38 PM

My favorite IDE is Komodo Edit because :

  • It's a really customizable tool : macro (js or python), integrated access to shell cmd
  • built on mozilla firefox framework (with add-on system)
  • it can use vim's snippet : i have a script to convert vim snippet to komodo snippet (abbreviations)
  • conditionnal snippets in v8 ; who else ?
  • pylint integration
  • It have a flexible project management
  • It's an advanced IDE but also lightweight

And for database access, i recommend Adminer, better than PGadmin because you may access to tables with an url. It's also a phpmyadmin killer

Sudhir Arya (ERP Harbor Consulting Services)
4/11/13, 9:00 AM

How can I download vim and use it in ubuntu?

Akretion, David Béal
4/11/13, 9:02 AM

download what ? adminer, komodo ? http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit/downloads

Daniel Reis
4/11/13, 1:38 PM

Does it work well with XML also? (highlight tags, autocomplete, correctness validation) EDIT: yes it does! Going to give a good try at Komodo, thank for sharing.

Alain Ivars
7/29/13, 9:21 AM

Big Thanks for the tip with Adminer


Francesco OpenCode

--Francesco OpenCode--

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Francesco OpenCode
4/11/13, 8:34 AM

I use geany and my own snippets to write code faster.

If you want try them you can download them here: https://github.com/OpenCode/geany-openerp I create a rapid script to create OpenERP module skeleton too. , For the report with mako I use geany, too. For the aeroo report libreoffice.



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3/11/13, 7:15 PM

I am old school but my favorite one is vim

Daniel Reis
4/11/13, 1:26 PM

This is a little terse. Vim out of the box is almost useless, but with plugins it can match best-in-breed editors. It would be nice if you could give some more guidance on this.

Daniel Reis
4/11/13, 1:36 PM

There's a nice guide here for I'm afraid it's not suitable for people new to vim ...

Ray Carnes
4/11/13, 2:45 PM

VIM is extremely powerful, but has an equally extremely significant learning curve. For a fun introduction, check out this 'game' approach to learning - http://vim-adventures.com/

4/11/13, 2:51 PM

with a couple of commands you are able to do anything with vim. vim by itself is quite powerful

4/11/13, 2:51 PM

and thanks for the tip with vim-adventures!

Lorenzo Cabrini
4/11/13, 11:16 AM

Any text editor or IDE that supports Python should be suitable. It's more a matter of personal preferences. In my case that would be vim, but emacs, nano, gedit, kate, and many others will work equally well. I don't know very much about IDEs, but Eclipse, Netbeans, Anjuta and KDevelop should all support Python (at least I think they do).

When it comes to reports, it has already been mentioned that it depends on the type of reports you are creating. For Aeroo reports any ODF-capable word processor should do. This includes LibreOffice/OpenOffice, KOffice/Calligra, and others.

In summary, choose the tools that you feel comfortable with, that you know how to configure to your liking and which stays out of your way. If you need to spend more time toying around with your editor/IDE than producing code then you have a problem.




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4/11/13, 5:52 PM

Dia is an interesting option worth knowing about, if you face heavy documentation requirements or want to mess with MDA (model driven architecture)



Another option I like very much, despite the little problems of a beta stage tool, is ICEcoder. As a very lightweight PHP & JavaScript tool you can read and write server side files with only a browser.