Survey Requests doesn't work for existing users

Mustafa Rawi

OpenERP Addons Trunk at rev 9483 A user created via sign up feature from the public portal and assigned to group 'Survey / User' was sent a Survey Request. The user was not notified, no emails sent, and nothing in his OpenERP inbox. This is verified from Settings > Technical > Email > Messages and Email. They survey is not listed on 'Give Survey Answer' menu item created manually and added to the 'Portal' menu. Invited users are able to see and answer the survey normally. Only 'Survey Requests' doesn't work.

Give Survey Answer menu item details: Action: ir.actions_act.window - Give Survey Answer

Another point, Survey Requests are not listed in Tools > Survey > Survey Requests. To see a list of Survey Requests, it must be accessed from the Survey Details Form itself > More > Survey Requests.

A wish is my third point. My current workflow is: 1. Review application and attached resume. 2. Invite user by email to survey 'Initial Application' 3. Survey Request for language test - currently can't do it as described above. 4. Hire or refuse the applicant. It will be much easier to send the Survey Invite from the Application form itself. The only use-case for the surveys in HR Recruitment module, currently, is face-to-face interviews, which is not possible in many cases when it comes to freelancers across the globe.

Finally, is there a way to populate values from Survey answers into OpenERP forms? In other words, assign tags depending on choices made in surveys, or filling in contact data in Partner form?