Supplier Pricing

Scott Hart

I know this has been asked, but it's still not working for me...

Current setup end to end;

Sales --> settings -> advanced pricing based on formula

Purchases --> settings --> costing Methods - use a 'fixed', 'real' or 'average' price costing method

Purchases --> setting --> vendor price --> Allow using and importing vendor pricelists

Sales -> Pricelists --> Pricelists --> Create New Pricelists

1st Pricelist; all products / apply on - global / compute price - formula / based on - cost

* note below "Based on" (New Price = Public Price -) shouldn't it read (New Price = Cost -) ????

2nd Pricelist; all products / apply on - global / compute price - formula / based on - other pricelist - 1st pricelist

* now it states correctly below based on (New Price= Other Pricelist)

Sales --> Products --> Create New Product

Product 1; Sale Price - $0.00 / Cost - $10.00 / Vendor 1 - $11.00 Vendor 2 - $12.00

When I select a product is quote/ sales order $10 is displayed in the cost column and not a figure from the average of $11 and $12 or their pricing.

When I edit Product 1 (cost - $0.00) $0.00 shows up in the product line.

If I update Product 1 under Suppliers Pricelist for Vendor 1 and Vendor 2, nothing changes for product line in the quote or sales order.

How am I able to keep updated pricing under Supplier Pricelist, and allow the system to use a calculation for the vendor pricing? Am I able to determine which vendor to use the pricing of? I'm so confused because there's no change, no matter what I do.

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Cliff Kujala

I have not fully tested this because I don't quote based on what is displayed as cost during the quotation, however in your case wouldn't it be better to see the margin based on the actual inventory valuation on hand? If using FIFO it should calculate the cost based on the next X qty of Product1 you have on hand. If the quote would deplete the stock on hand, then it should be displayed as an average cost of the items on hand and the cost of the necessary procurement to fulfill the sales order. Highly doubt the system can do that on the fly though