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Hi, I'm trying to have default taxes set for Customer Taxes in the Product Template set to a new tax I created called "Tax Exempt".  However I'm getting an error when changing the default ID value to my new ID value.  Furthermore, it won't even let you change it back to the original ID without giving and error, see below.

Settings>Activate Developer Mode

Settings>Technical>User-defined Defaults

taxes_id>Edit>Delete "[1]" in the "Default value or action reference"

Save>Edit>Add the exact same [1] back in >Save

Apps>Manufacturing>Master Data>Products>Create

You will receive an error message "ValueError: Wrong value for product.template.taxes_id: [1]"

How can this happen, it works with the value for ID before, but if you save and re-enter it, it has a problem.  All I'm trying to do is have the default Customer Taxes be "Tax Exempt" which is ID "3".  Therefore I would have assumed I could enter [3] in the Default Values and this would worked.

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If you want to set default customer taxes in the Product Template in Odoo 9 Community then follow below steps:

1)Created new customer tax configuration according

i) Go to => Accounting => Configuration => Accounting => Taxes Menu.

ii) You have assign sales in tax scope field and fill up other field(Tax name,Tax Computation,Amount,Tax Account,Tax Account on Refunds,Label on Invoices,

Tax Group,Etc..)

2) Set default sales tax

 i) Go to => Accounting => Configuration Menu ii) In Invoicing & Payments Section , you can see taxes (Default Sale Tax,Default Purchase Tax)

iii) Here you can select your custom new sales tax in Default Sale Tax field and apply new accounting configuration.

3) See Default Customer Tax in Product Template

 i) while you can creates new product then you can see default customer taxes.

I hope this will help you.