Search result containing both item and subitem


Hi Guys,

I need something really urgent to implement in my openERP project.

In my openERP, I've created a custom module listing all the existing items and some of these items also have 1 subitem.

This is a One-One relation between item & subitem. An item can have only one subitem.

Let's say I've 4 items : A, B, C, D .

Now suppose, A has a subitem A1, B has subitem B1 and so on.

What I need to implement is, when in the search box I'll search for item A, then in the search result I should get A & A1 both.

Similarly if I'm looking for A1 in the search box, then in the search result again I should get both A and A1.

Means whenever I'll search with the item or subitem, I need both to be listed in the search result.

I've no idea how to implement this here in openERP. Please help me with this. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

Note : I'm using openERP 7 :)

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Did you ever find a solution for this?