Sales Tax Display Setting and Total Column on Invoice Question

Odoo 10.saas~15+e (Enterprise Edition)

Changing Sales -> Settings -> Tax Display from "Tax-Excluded Prices" to "Tax-Included Prices" changed my Invoice layouts and I'm not sure why or how to change it.

When set to "Tax-Excluded Prices", the invoice has a total Price column in the line items:

When set to "Tax-Included Prices", that column goes away:

I don't see any <t-if> statements in the view "report_invoice_layouted" that seems to be generating the invoice.  The only thing associated with that column is the groups="sale.group_show_price_subtotal" in the <th>:

<th class="text-right" groups="sale.group_show_price_subtotal">Price</th>

Is there a way to get the Price column back with "Tax-Included Prices"?

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Ray Carnes

No solution, just want to make sure you know that including Tax in your prices is not best practice in the USA - see