quickbooks migration to OpenERP


Our company is looking at MS SL and I would like to open a conversation about using OpenERP as an alternative. We are currently using quickbooks and would need a migration to the new platform.

Is there a migration process or script available?

Anyone have an experience in comparing benefits of dyanamic sl and the OpenERP platform?

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Pierre Soum
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It seems you have 2 questions here, I'd suggest asking them in 2 different tickets.

Regarding QuickBooks (QB): I doubt very much that any migration script exist betweeen QB and OpenERP. First, QB being proprietary, I'm not sure it allows to plug into its db. I assume you have to export first. Second, you need to specify what exactly you use in QB, what version of QB you use... In brief, it's a migration project in itself, and needs analysis. Regardless of the chosen ERP, and unless you actually use a very little part of QB, don't expect such a migration to be cheap and fast.

Regarding Microsft Dynamics SL : It's a vast subject, but let's start with: what functional area do you want to compare? Regarding total cost of ownership (TCO), implementation and so forth, no idea, but the main difference is that you're on an opensource platform with OpenERP, where you are in control of code, processes and data, opposed to a proprietary system where you're 100% captive of Microsoft. The average lifespan of an ERP being 10 years, make your own choice ;-)