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Anas Taji
On 3/24/13, 11:16 AM

I prepared this module to serve this purpose, and I am willing to share it with you.

  1. Unzip
  2. Copy 'print_receipt' to 'openerp directory'/openerp/addons/
  3. Restart openERP server
  4. Go to Settings->Update Module List
  5. Search & Install the module

Download the module HERE

Hope this will help..%

Will you be ok for submitting your module to openerp staff and developpment, so that it is - quickly - embedded into the core (trunk)? Really we - retailers of all kind - we NEED this printing capacity. I hope it will work with any kind of printer!

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
on 3/24/13, 11:49 AM

Of course I am willing to share the good work with others, but I am new to openERP and yet not familiar with the launchpad & bazaar.

It will work with any installed and working printer that support A4 paper size.

Smart Way Business Solutions, Anas Taji
on 3/24/13, 4:29 PM

Can you modify your module so that it can print on every printer AND with any paper format; because cash receipt are usually printed on paper roll, not on paper sheets.

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
on 3/24/13, 8:01 PM

Thanks a million times,,I salute you..and can the owner of the qsn mark it as answered?

Alloice Lagat
on 9/25/13, 8:02 AM

Glad to read such words, I am marking my answer as the best answer..%

Smart Way Business Solutions, Anas Taji
on 9/27/13, 2:59 PM

HI Anas, I am not able to get "print_receipt" module in "Settings->Update Module List". I inserted print_receipt in "c:\program files\opererpfolder\Server\server\openerp\addons\print_receipt". Let me know if am making mistake somewhere or some additional steps are required to install this module.

on 9/29/13, 9:18 AM

Thanks for this module, very uselful, really useful... how i can add in voucher the total amount and balance result?

Gosset Moncada
on 2/5/14, 5:32 PM
Fabrice Henrion (fhe)
On 3/3/13, 1:51 AM

In OpenERP 7, you can cleanly print any document with the print function of your browser (or CTRL+P).
In the case of customer payment receipts, you can either browser-print the payment receipt, or you can browser-print the paid customer invoice after clicking on the "Payments" tab that shows the related payments for this invoice. This is particularly useful when payment terms exist. Or you can browser-print the paid customer invoice on the "Invoice lines" tab if you want to show the balance.

Hi Fabrice,

Thanks for your quick response. I did look at these options, but these options might be useful to keep a log in our company, not to give to a customer because it includes various other non-relevant info for the customer such as the journal, document created by, followers, etc. I just need a print out that just has the amount paid, mode of payment, related invoice reference, etc.

Can you help?

Consign IT Private Limited, Abilash Praveen
on 3/4/13, 2:11 AM

Hi Avilash..I am also looking for the same..the receipt printing option. Have you solved that ? please inform.

BBindaslife, Debashis Das
on 3/11/13, 9:04 AM

This results in very unprofessional printouts.

SalesInq, Ethan Furman
on 7/11/13, 3:08 PM

I am also looking for the vouchers printing option which allows the signatures of Prepared by, verified by and approved by options on all kinds of vouchers.

Philippe Thuaud
On 3/20/17, 12:28 AM

Hi @Anas,

Is your module available for version 10?

Best regards,


Michael Yeung
On 11/16/16, 11:23 PM

Looking for the same module for V9... please~

Emad Jaddo
On 3/27/15, 11:17 AM

Hi Anas,

First thanks for the model, but I am trying to use it on V8 and getting the follwoing error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token T

Is it compatible with V8?

Ricardo José Ochoa
On 7/24/14, 5:34 PM

Anas Taji.

Your solution is awesome, but I want to know if it is possible to show the left amount. I mean, e.g: when the customer just make a partial payment and I want to show him/her in the voucher the difference between the total of the original invoice and the payment made.

I don't know if you can add this feature to the module or pplease tell me haw can I do that.


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