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Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
On 2/20/13, 4:22 AM


The OpenERP scheduler computes everything per line, whether it's a manufacturing order, a delivery order, a sale order, etc. The delivery time is computed for each line like this: Sale Order Date (on the SO) + Customer Lead Time (on the SO line, coming from the product) - Security Days (on the company)

So, if your security days=0, on the scheduled delivery order, you have two lines (one for each product):

  1. Day + 3
  2. Day + 2

The expected delivery date on the delivery order is computed using the minimum expected delivery date of each line. This is normal, otherwise some products may be late according to what you promised to your customer.

This has nothing to do with the shipping policy or the MTS/MTO.

To get the details about how the scheduler computes, read the documentation: http://doc.openerp.com/v6.1/book/5/5_15_Manufacturing/5_15_Manufacturing_forecasting.html#lead-times

This is a big eye opener for me - I was certainly expecting different behavior! A delivery date of Day + 2 will make the Day + 3 product late. This would manifest as a problem in a case where 'deliver all products at once' is desired. Am I missing something?

Ray Carnes
on 2/27/13, 6:15 PM

I've tried inputting a few different numbers and the calculations that happen on the DO line items seem to be DO Time + Product Lead Time - Security Time; is this because I have it configured differently? I can't confirm on runbot; seems to be having issues.

on 3/6/13, 12:40 PM

My mistake, it's '-' instead of '+' for security days. The documentation is quite clear on this topic: http://doc.openerp.com/v6.1/book/5/5_15_Manufacturing/5_15_Manufacturing_forecasting.html#lead-times

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
on 3/25/13, 12:09 PM

That documentation is not consistent with how OpenERP works - and there are bugs with the 'date calculation' part, as well as the storage/conversion of dates. These have already been reported and are being worked on now. Anyone following this can learn more at https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/+bug/1153107

Ray Carnes
on 3/25/13, 6:51 PM
Ray Carnes
On 2/19/13, 10:47 PM

Security Time is set via the menu sequence Settings --> Companies.

Switch to the Configuration tab.

image description

Ok, now I see it. The only problem is that in my configuration the Security Days are set to 0.0 days.

on 2/20/13, 4:27 AM
On 2/20/13, 4:31 AM

Ok, I think I've solved my problem.

When the "security days" are set to 0.00, it seems that OERP is taking 2 as a default value, don't know if that is the correct behaviour. I've set it to 1.00 and now the delivery order time is correct when both products are on stock.

Thank you.

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