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Jeudy Nicolas
On 6/26/13, 5:46 PM


In fact, you can disable this auto one click paid functionality ! (up to 3 users) and use local folder with addons like v5, V6, V6.1.

You can use openerp launchpad repository, community one with lots of interresting modules and juste put it or link it in your local addons folder.

Openerp Addons:

Community one (some of them because you can find lots of on launchpad, git, mercurial repository)

Community on github:

And many other from anybox, akretion, and partners ...

Feel free to update the list ;)

Daniel Reis
On 6/27/13, 6:15 AM

It's not strange at all. OpenERP core is not a community project - it's software built by a for-profit commercial company. Many may find strange that they let you run their software for free, and even have access to their source code. It's only fair that they get paid for what they do.

Having said that, OpenERP is still as free as before. What changed is that they are making it easier for people to access paid services, notably through the access to their "app store".

It's actually not "for-profit"! Having a sustainable revenue for the core is what allows openerp to evolve, improve and maintain the old versions. It's what finances R&D efforts and maintenance services (migration, apps plateform, servers for this website...)

Fabien Pinckaers (fp)
on 11/12/13, 6:22 PM

Fabien, there's nothing wrong in being for-profit: Canonical and Red Hat are for-profit companies. Putting it in another way, surely OpenERP is not a non-profit organization.

Daniel Reis
on 11/12/13, 6:57 PM
On 7/14/13, 10:26 AM

I am glad I found this post, because I have been thinking the same for some time now. I think it is more accurate to say that they are moving away from the community model (which they used to boast about). I understand the need to make money from their work (after all, we all expect that), but once the forums were closed I think the ability for small consultants like myself to implement a basic system (which often leads to a paid subscription) has become very difficult, and quite frankly not worth the effort. I have been moving towards recommending other ERP solutions to my clients since this occurred, and doubt I will recommend OpenERP any more.

And regarding Nicolas' post, is this actually documented anywhere?

would be interesting to know which other ERP's you are recommending.

on 7/15/13, 1:19 AM

As good as OpenERP, you won't find. My thought is that if you customer cannot afford such cost, he for sure should not even be looking at ERP systems. There is a wrong concept that Opensource means free, where in reality it means something else. I was told that the one click install of openerp checks for dependencies and version. I can very much see it as a service, where openerp spends time on it.If you are not working for free , why should OpenERP do so... In the OpenSource world there are leechers and seeders...leechers are not missed...

Jay Connors
on 10/11/13, 2:39 PM
Jay Connors
On 10/10/13, 7:44 PM

The Enterprise user not only have a simple install, but also OpenERP Apps interface checks for dependencies and version match, which can affect you big time...

However, The best thing is that, the Enterprise Users, like me, gets to add the new features that is only available on the new version, while the corner cutters remain on an old version...Can't wait for V8....

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