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OpenERP 7; Payment Reminder sending empty e-mail w/o attachment

on 5/2/13, 9:14 AM 14,029 views

So I have had some difficulties setting up my payment reminders properly. I've been playing a bit with the different options, but in the end it always results in an empty e-mail. My attachment (the amount due for that client) is not linked to the e-mail, and the text from the template is missing.

I have configured my Payment Reminder levels under "Financial" --> "Settings" --> "Payment Reminder Levels". Under these I had 3 default levels: first polite reminder (1), second reminder (7) and urging reminder. For these three lines, I have chose "send e-mail" and "send letter". Payment Reminder Levelsdetailed view

If I choose "send e-mails and letters", I do not receive any e-mails right away. (for testing purposes I have changed all the client's e-mail adresses to mine) Instead they get lined up under e-mails. (Settings --> E-mail --> E-mails) From this list I can sent them out with the "send now" (>) option, and they will be delivered. I can live with this, I don't need them to be sent immediantly.image description

But here's the part I cant live with. The e-mails get delivered like this: (sans the text that i added)image description

So I'm missing my template, and I'm missing the report informing the clients on how much they are overdue.

If I go to "manual payment reminder" I can click away the filter and choose one of my clients. In the form view if I click "expired amounts" I am able to see the report with the open amount for that specific customer. So it does exist. If I choose send e-mail under this same screen, I will end up with an empty e-mail again. In other words the attachment is not being linked to the outgoing e-mail. image description

I excuse for the wall of text, I just wanted to be specific so it's clear what my issue is.

TL;DR: Whatever I do, my payment reminders end up as empty e-mails. They miss an attachment and apparently the template is ignored. What am I doing wrong, or where can I find related documentation on how to set this up properly? (version 7)

On 5/3/13, 7:54 AM

Solution to this case (my problem) in the last comment below this answer.

@Josse Colpaert:

I understand that the message customers will receive is based on the e-mail templates, which can be found under Settings --> Technical --> E-mail --> Templates. But my templates aren't empty, they seem to be filled in correctly.

You say the invoice should appear in the e-mail itself, so I guess I have two issues. One being my template isn't being used, and secondly that the invoice reminder isn't added to the outgoing e-mail. I thought it might have been related to the attachment part of the template, but I guess it's not.

Below you can see the code behind one of the e-mail templates as you requested.

image description

--EDIT 6/5

Below is a more detailed view of the outgoing e-mail. This mail is sent through the manual payment reminder, after clicking away the filter "to do" from the list. I don't know whether that's related to te e-mail being sent empty, but as it stands I haven't been able to send one e-mail properly without intervention - even after automatic reconciliation and sending automatic e-mails.