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On 8/26/14, 6:28 AM

Hi Med Said, thank you for your response.  The following is the Python Code we put into the Server Action:

def parse_description(description):
    for line in description.split('\n'):
        for field in fields:
            if field in line:
                if len(split_line)>1:
    return _dict

                        'description':_dict.get('message')}, context=context)

We are not sure which part is causing the STORE_FAST opcode.  We have tested to compile the same string under normal python and the dis of the compile code does not list STORE_FAST either.



After further testing, we found out that if the code in Python code contains a named method, it raises the said error.  Further reading into the openerp/tools/safe_eval.py file in OpenERP server lines 143 and 144 seems to support the suspicion.  Any way, refactoring the method from the Python Code (making it into normal calls without methods) seems to resolve the issue.

Also it seems that STORE_FAST, along with LOAD_FAST and DELETE_FAST has been listed as allowable opcode since revno 5290 in launchpad or revision 4836354 in github (28 Apr 2014).


Med Said BARA
On 8/26/14, 5:29 AM

Your code is considered as unsafe, probably you've provided a name with two underscore (__name__).

Can you post an example of your code ?

(added after response from John Doe)

The only thing i see in your code that can be related to "dunder" is: _dict=parse_description (maybe putting a space before and after = can resolve this ...).

Another important thing is at line 10: Why are you splitting a second time ? This is done 2 lines above, try to replace with: _dict[field]=split.line[1]

Med Said BARA, Thank you for your further edits. I've also edited by Questions and the problem does not seems to be from names with underscores. Also thank you for the split hint. Yes, we should've use split _dict[field]=line[1] instead.

on 8/26/14, 1:03 PM

I will try to test on my side, using your code to see if the error is reproducible.

Med Said BARA
on 8/26/14, 1:38 PM

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