Odoo11c POS :Order could not be sent to the server due to an unknown error

Hi All,
Facing this error in a single company of a multi company setup from last few days after running approx one year without any problem..
We are running Odoo 11 community with ngi​nx and postgres in different servers, and  server usage is average.
in all other branches, everything is fine. and running smoothly.
Companies have parent and child relation.
Error is not coming for all orders and the orders that causes the error sync with server when we retry. Sometimes at 1st attempt, or more.
So, we hope there is no problem with code. please correct if we are wrong
If this is caused by any configuration, it may effect all orders, that is not happening here. or at least it will block syncing order that raised the error once. but that order also syncs when we retry.
there is no problem with internet connectivity.
we tried changing browser, system, network and clearing browser cache..

Any suggestions are appreciated..

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Your Dad

use the debug window to export the orders that are causing the issue, then delete the orders, find the issue and import it back again.

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Hello, We have noticed that Odoo is updating all the pending stock movements of each item you have in a picking when you process a picking. Our client didn't bothered about their inventory at that moment. and that branch had a lot of picking to process. This made Odoo to spend more time in this process. That caused the delay in responce from server.
We processed all pending transaction. Now billing is fine