Odoo Client Error - TypeError: result is null (Odoo v8)

Ev Lav


Although we can log in, our system has become unusable. At the menu and record selection levels the system is normal. Once viewing a record however, say a Contact or a Lead, the system tries to load the page constantly. We receive both of the following errors in the Web Client as a pop up -

When we refresh we get this:



No further error description is given and either the record comes back as normal or it continues to try to load (the darkened transparency).

If we don't hit refresh, then after around 1-2 mins we get the following error, also as a pop up:

Odoo Client Error

TypeError: result is null

The system keeps trying to load until we hit refresh.

We are running a local installation of Odoo v8 on Ubuntu 14.04 which we update using 'git pull' - here there was never an issue. Only after updating the database using the -u all command did this issue occur. This was definately the cause.
The endless loading transparency does not happen every time with every record but once you click through a few records it happens, at the latest after clicking through 10 records or so. There is no record where it specifically always happens that we can see.

We can duplicate the error every time whether using Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari on different laptops, tablets and Android/Apple phones. Potential conflict sources like antivirus or firewall have been turned off or uninstalled and the systems restarted. No effect.

Does anyone have any experience or ideas with this, we are at a bit of a loss how to proceed?

Many thanks for any feedback in advance.

Regards, E.

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Ev Lav
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Ultimately the solution here was to upgrade our server to a better machine. Since then the error has not re-appeared with the same database. For the last 2 weeks we have had no issue.

Before we tried the above, we installed clean databases, re-installation of Odoo server and then ultimately a complete clean re-install on our initial machine. None of this helped. We then installed a local copy and did not get the issue.

A clean install on a faster machine did the job. Probably upgrading the EC2 Amazon server without a re-install would have worked too.
We have no idea why our browser suddenly was constantly losing server connection. At this stage we assume it was co-incidence that this happened after the -u all update command. Problem solved.