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OpenERP Master
10/19/14, 2:42 AM

We wanted to thank everyone for their input. We received way more interest than anticipated. As a result we have created a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to help with the development cost. If you are interested in contributing, here is the link:



We will now close out this thread, as enough input has been posted. Thanks again!

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OpenERP Master
12/1/14, 3:01 PM

I am looking for testers. If anyone is interested in testing this connector in v8 please email me openerpmaster@gmail.com

Martin PANEL
7/15/15, 12:54 AM

For info, I tested the OCA Magento connector http://odoo-magento-connector.com/ and it work at half :

  • The product are imported with the basic fields : name, sku, price, taxes

  • The product data are sync only from Magento to Odoo

  • The stocks are NOT imported

  • The stock changes are NOT imported from Magento to Odoo, but only from Odoo to Magento

  • The main images for the simple product are imported

I didn't tested the sales import, but there are only imported from Magento to Odoo.

Also all for with cron job, there is no instant synchronisation...

It is not what I expect. 

Camptocamp SA, Guewen Baconnier
7/15/15, 3:46 AM

Maybe you could think about your expectations: > The product are imported with the basic fields : name, sku, price, taxes What more do you need? Marketing fields do not concern the ERP. > The product data are sync only from Magento to Odoo The reverse proved to be a failure for many reasons in the previous implementation (due to the Magento API, to the fact that it implies to neary develop the entire Magento product datamodel in Odoo, ...). This particular points represents months or years or work if you want to fully support all types of bundles, options, ... > The stocks are NOT imported > The stock changes are NOT imported from Magento to Odoo, but only from Odoo to Magento Of course! the stock operations are done on Odoo so there is no point to import them from Magento. If you think about an initial sync, nobody needed it so far that's why it does not exist (because usually people do an initial inventory). But we would be glad if you add it. > The main images for the simple product are imported Yes, Odoo supports 1 image per product and we don't think you need more of them on an ERP. > Also all for with cron job, there is no instant synchronisation... Imports from Magento work with cron jobs, because we have to poll Magento for new records. Exports to Magento (or whatever is triggered on the Odoo side) are not using cron jobs, but the Connector's Queue Job which execute the job as soon as possible (understand: immediately when no other jobs is already running). It is better than an instant synchronisation for many reasons. I think you really really don't realize what amount of work and so the price of what you expect. But it is open source, you can contribute and propose the things you want. Finally, the connector is made extensible so you can add your own new fields or synchonizations.

Martin PANEL
7/16/15, 4:46 AM

At least I expected that this was clearly define in the doc... There is even no way to import EAN, we have to develop it by ourself... Importing product from Magento without importing the stock, do you really think nobody need it ? The initial inventory are on Magento, because the products are here. Maybe I mistake, but I debuged the process to sync the stock to Magento: it checks the stock changes on all the products, each time it is executed, so you cannot execute it "as soon as possible", or you like to hurt your server. Having a Magento with out of stock products availables to purchase is the hell.

Luke Branch
8/27/15, 11:17 PM


Thank you for your hard work on this module, it's proving to be very useful for various projects i'm working on at the moment. I've successfully setup the connector with magentoerpconnect_pricing from your personal branch (waiting to be merged with OCA).

I was wondering if this connector (particularly your branch of magentoerpconnect-pricing in it's current state here - https://github.com/guewen/connector-magento/tree/8.0-magentoerpconnect_pricing-migr) is designed to push pricing to Magento from Odoo after changes in Odoo pricelists.

I'm in the process of testing out the connector for an upcoming e-commerce project and need the connector to pull the main image (and if possible, image gallery using product_multi_image by Pedro B.), as well as push pricing and inventory changes to Magento from Odoo.

Is your module (in it's current state awaiting merge with OCA) setup to handle main image sync (including syncing changes when main image in magento is changed), and pricing (by pricelist) changes between Odoo and Magento?

I've read the documentation, i'm just interested specifically in the two modules waiting to be merged and whether the pricelist update function specifically has been updated according to the roadmap.

Thomas Klosinsky
9/20/14, 5:09 AM

What about invoices being pushed from odoo to magento? Also for PayPal payments (Magento "hack" needs to be done in this case)...

10/19/14, 1:29 AM

Can we use you connector for prestashop-connector development?  Or may be you devel for presta it too?

10/18/14, 12:52 PM

is there any progress in this project? I'd be interested in testing as well as helping with development if needed


OpenERP Master
10/18/14, 4:39 PM

Hi, Yes the project is moving along quickly. We estimate at this time the development will be complete for the first release in 2-3 weeks.

OpenERP Master
12/2/14, 4:36 PM

Would you like to test this? It is ready for testing. Please email me openerpmaster@gmail.com if you are still interested in testing.

Andrew Price
9/18/14, 10:34 AM

My suggestion is to map sales tax rates between Magento and Odoo, so that the different sales taxes included in the Magento frontend are correctly identified in Odoo (and included in the right sales tax return).   For example, where sales tax for each state must be collected (in the US), or different VAT amounts in Europe.

9/18/14, 10:55 AM

This is a critical feature, in camptocamp connector currently all sales orders imported apply the sales tax by default. It would be quite helpful to set a conditional ruling and only apply Sales Tax to orders from a certain state. Similar to how Magneto, eBay and Amazon settings are. If there is a module this is available please advise.

OpenERP Master
10/18/14, 4:43 PM

Hi, This work is already completed. We added an addition to the sales order info API to return the tax name and details. If the tax does not exist in Odoo at the time of order import, it will be created exactly as it is on Magento. ;)

2/13/15, 7:19 AM

Hi can any one please share links or videos exactly how it works?

9/17/14, 1:37 PM

Have you start wokring on this? What is the timeline for this project?

OpenERP Master
9/17/14, 2:43 PM

Yes, Work has already begun. Development is set to be complete in a few weeks. Once it is complete, the source will be made available for free.

11/22/14, 1:01 PM

hello, any update on the status of the connector?

OpenERP Master
11/22/14, 10:23 PM

Hello, Work still in progress. This particular project involves much more than just the Magento connector. It is a complete management solution for Magento. The connector portion is finished, but still undergoing testing.

OpenERP Master
12/2/14, 4:37 PM
Would you like to test the connector still? It is ready for testing.

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Peter Schenkel <p.schenkel@mail.odoo.com> wrote:

hello, any update on the status of the connector?

Peter Schenkel
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Abhishek H Menon
3/4/15, 6:35 AM

The products are not getting synced. And also we cannot export the items from odoo to magento. Is this any configuration problem?

OpenERP Master
3/4/15, 10:10 AM

Hello, I have no idea what your problem is with the information provided, There are schedules you have to activate for products to sync.

Abhishek H Menon
3/4/15, 10:14 AM

When I try to sync the products from the job it shows invalid api error. Can you please give me the information about the installation of OpenobjecConnector, which are .php files as my former package was of python.


Luke Branch

--Luke Branch--
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Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong
--Luke Branch--


Luke Branch
9/10/14, 10:10 PM

Great to hear that you are working on this. I think it will be necessary for some companies that need the Website > Store > Store View granularity in their websites among other things.

Here is some suggestions and/or a feature wishlist in no particular order:

  • Multi-channel catalog management according to customer group (eg. retail customer is allowed add to cart on frontend while wholesale customer gets add to quote, or RFQ and different pricing structure according to Odoo pricelists)
  • Product picture, attributes, customer, and category synchronisation between Magento and Odoo (with the option of syncing to both accounting and/or public categories). Magento has tools like Magmi for doing mass catalog updates (with picture galleries) among other things, while Odoo seems to be currently lacking (to the best of my knowledge) in a user-friendly module for this type of mass-import.
  • Address management sync from Magento to Odoo - allowing for selection of countries with/without postcodes and states.
  • Multi-instances, multi-e-shop, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, multi-language
  • Realtime Synchronization through new 8.0 API of products catalog, customers, sales orders, stock levels, shipments, packages’ tracking numbers, invoices…
  • Payment workflow automation: depending on the mean of payment (credit card, wire transfer), possibility to automate workflows in OpenERP (automatic order validation, automatic invoice validation…). For instance, a sales order paid by credit card will automatically create an invoice with the “paid” status
  • WHM Warehouse managment to allow for complete inventory/logistics control from Odoo, including shipping calculation sync either Magento > Odoo, or Odoo > Magento to allow for multiple methods of shipping through either Magento or Odoo extensions.
  • Helpdesk & Support integration for contact form, and multiple customisable contact forms to allow for taking down customer details (eg. Distributor Application form, warranty forms, etc.)
  • Quotation Templates push to Magento to allow for use of Odoo's new frontend quotation
  • Documentation push from Odoo to Magento
  • Odoo Messaging sync to Magento to integrate with Magento's own order, invoice, shipment confirmation messages.
OpenERP Master
9/17/14, 2:42 PM

Luke, Thank you for the detailed spec. This would be the ultimate ideal solution. Currently the project is being funded by a single client. Most of the features the connector will support in the first release will be the clients requirements. The focus for this connector is unique. The design is focused on businesses with complex attributes. Specifically, Retail stores that sell Shoes/Clothing items with many different sizes/shapes/colors. Some high level features the connector will support in the initial release: 1. Attributes management. Magento uses whats called a Sparse Matrix to implement it's attribute system. This is a very complex storage model (EAV) that is not supported in odoo, and most other ERP software. This connector will support it. This means you could have a different product description per website instead of having a single field for description, create attributes dynamically in odoo and sync them with your Magento instance. 2. Order Management/Payment Management. Manage orders and payments in odoo. More on this later. 3. Stock Synchronization. Sync stock from odoo to Magento. More on this later. 4. Mass product updates. The connector will provide the ability for you to export and import spreadsheets with product data and push to Magento from odoo. The focus will be speed and flexibility. Much like what Magmi offers today for Magento. Some features the connector will NOT support in the initial release: The connector is designed to work exclusively with Magento. It will not support eBay, Amazon, etc. Why? This significantly simplifies the design of the connector and makes it much easier to work with. The connector will support only a single Magento instance. Why? Again, the project is being funded a client and they only have 1 instance. It will however, support multi storeview/websites. The connector could support multiple instances in the future if funding becomes available.

Luke Branch
9/23/14, 12:44 AM

@OpenERP Master, Thanks for the detailed reply. I look forward to seeing this project once it's ready for release. Do you have a github profile you'll make it available on once it's finished?

Jaron Soininen
9/23/14, 11:09 AM

Hello, just some points off the top of my head below. I know some of these points have been discussed already. But, I still want to highlight them as features we would be looking for in a new Connector.

1. Real-time, two way synchronisation of all customer data, product data (including images), product categories, inventory and sales orders rather than using cron jobs or Odoo scheduled actions.

2. Odoo stock to be the master and update Magento inventory accordingly in real-time.

3. Separate journals created in Odoo for Magento Payment Methods. e.g. Cash, Credit Card, PayPal etc and be mapped with the corresponding Magento Payment Method.

4. Separate Shipping Methods created in Odoo for Magento Shipping Methods. e.g. Standard Shipping, Express Shipping, Local Pickup etc. Odoo Warehouse will need to know this information when picking and dispatching orders.

3. Support for multiple Customer addresses. e.g. Shipping Address & Invoice Address. This feature can be turned on in Odoo under Settings->Configuration-Sales->Customer Features->Allow a different address for delivery and invoicing. As you would already know Magento supports multiple addresses.

4. Newsletter integration. e.g. A guest subscribes to the Newsletter on the Magento website, so therefore an Odoo Contact is created which is opted-in to Odoo Newsletter.

5. Support for Magento discounts when using both fixed amount discount and/or percentage based discount and the ability to report on the discounts used. e.g. amount of revenue lost from discounts. Separate account in Chart of Accounts for recording discount amounts.

6. What's the sales status in Odoo when a Magento order is Pending Payment, Processing, Complete etc? Will these statuses synch both ways? e.g. An order comes through Magento, which hasn't been paid yet, will this be created as a Draft Quotation in Odoo? When the Magento order is paid and set to Processing will the Odoo Draft Quotation become a Sales Order and automatically be invoiced? When shipped from Odoo will the Magento order be set to Complete and receive tracking information?

7. There should also be a feature that throws an Odoo Invoice Exception, if the Magento and Odoo Total Sales amount differs by greater than $0.1. This will safeguard against any weird behaviours or development bugs that cause a mismatch in totals from the original Magento Sale and the corresponding Odoo Sales Order. The Odoo Sales Order can then be manually amended to match the Magento Sale before being Invoiced and hitting the Odoo Accounts. Then there should be zero worry for discrepancies between Magento and Odoo.

8. Support for Grouped Products. So that the Odoo Picking Slip shows the Grouped Product and associated Simple Products.

I know many of these features are quite specific and not required by the masses, so I would be happy to discuss contracting you or your company for these features, if you have alternative contact details where I can discuss them further with you.

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OpenERP Master
10/18/14, 4:37 PM

Hi, Some of the features you mentioned have already been developed. Multiple customer addresses, with a light built in de-duplication feature, Discounts & Taxes, Shipping methods and payment methods. The payment method on sales order is another module we developed because this functionality was missing. You can map any payment method in magento to a journal in Odoo. If the payment method is not found, it will create it and you only have to assign a journal for it to work when you go to do payment. The inventory/stock synchronization is still being developed. We have written a custom API to do the import. With this we have already tested syncing 30k product to Odoo in around 2 hours. This could still be improved. For the export of product we are considering using the Magmi datadump API. We could use contribution for this development. Lastly, we will also provide modules to support payment gateway integration with Authorize.net for customers using it with Magento. This will support Tokenization with CIM. This module will be standalone free release.

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