Need to show BoM detail on Quote and Invoice for assembled product

Kevin Sawyer

I'm sure this has probably been covered somewhere but I can't seem to find it so please forgive me in advance a feel free to redirect me accordingly...

We're trying to setup OpenERP 7. We purchase components then assemble them into final products and sell the final product. However, the quotation, sales order and invoice all needs to show the list of components, but no prices for them, just the total price for the overall product. Something like this:

Custom Assembly 1 as Follows: $1000US

  • Component A
  • Component B
  • Component C
  • Component D

Thanks in advance for your guidance and suggestions.


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Kevin Sawyer

Since my original question I found the product_bundle module. It's a step in the right direction, but we actually have somewhat of a manufacturing process to assemble the bundle (time/labor at various stations) so this module didn't quite cut it. I also realized that I could invoice based on the delivery order, but that's not quite what is needed since the quotation/sales order needs to show the BoM components...

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Hi Kevin, there is no default function in odoo while use BOM, to show in sales order and invoice the list of components, without prices and the main product with price. You have to customize or use third party module for this requirement.

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