Menu item appears only for some users

Ben Finney

How can I configure which users can see a menu item?

In an existing OpenERP 6.1 installation, I (as the admin user) can see a menu item and all the contained items, but another user doesn't see that menu item at all.

Where are the access controls defined for which menu items are visible to which users?

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Ben Finney,

There are two ways.

1) Database Level.

2) Code

1) Database Level:

Instruciton: Make sure that user has the access control of that model which you can to access from that menu.

Key points:

If user doesn't have the access control for particular model than user will not able able to see those menu which trigger the information of that model.

Here you go!

How to create access control for groups?

Setting>>Technical>>Security>>Access Control List

Create access control for model/object for specifc group if doesn't created.

How to assign Groups to Menu?

Setting>>Technical>>User Interface>>Menu Items

Search your menu and add groups of that Users group.

If you want to uniquely identify this user than create your own group or else use the existing group which is assigned to that user.

Creating your own group.


By following this steps you can achieve your menu access from database level.

2) Code.

i ) You need group to use in access control, either use existing group or create your own.

ii) Create access control list for that user group with particular object/model.

iii) If there are already access control created and menu doesn't appear than assign your group to that menu.

Here you will find document how to create groups and access controls.

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Hope this will help.