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Antony Lesuisse (al) Belgium

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--Antony Lesuisse (al)--

Antony Lesuisse (al) Belgium
6/7/15, 7:45 AM

The answer of yenthe is partially wrong, the community repository will be pushed to odoo/odoo#master as soon as we have git-filtered the enterprise module from it (the enterprise module yenthe list are mostly correct).

The enterprise repository will be at odoo/enteprise#master containing only the enterprise modules. Access to the enteprise repo will be granted to all partners once they accept the addendum to their partnership contract (about non redistribution of the content of that repo).

Partners will be able to test and demo enterprise features, but distribution and usage to end users is only allowed to odoo enterprise subscribers.

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/7/15, 7:59 AM

Thanks for replying here and clarifying the details about this. I guess I partiallu got wrong information or misunderstood a part of it. So this will alsof mean that Odoo V9 source code (the core) will be accesable before the official Odoo 9 release?

Antony Lesuisse (al) Belgium
6/7/15, 8:09 AM

Yes that's the plan as soon as we have git-filtered the branch

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/7/15, 9:47 AM

Alright thanks! I've updated my answer so it doesn't contain any invalid information anymore either.

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
6/8/15, 12:53 AM

Hi Antony,

Thank you for clarifying that. I look forward to more updates on what will be included in community and what will be included in Enterprise. I hope that all the key CMS/E-commerce features like multi-website, form builder, etc. will make it into the community edition.

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
6/8/15, 1:34 AM

it looks like website_portal has been removed from the odoo-dev repository. Will website_portal be included in Odoo 9 CE? This type of functionality is already a part of Magento CE in terms of viewing invoices, SO, etc. on the frontend of the website. I'd hope that this functionality would be considered an essential part of Odoo 9.0 CE, as it seems like a basic component for any e-commerce platform.

I've heard some rumours that eCommerce Coupon Codes, and major shipping provider integrations are going to Odoo 9.0 EE, but not CE, thee are some other basic eCommerce feature that are present in Magento CE, and it would seem counter-productive to not offer them in the Odoo 9.0 CE core.

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/8/15, 4:19 AM

@Luke, You can see what will be in which Odoo 9 version here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18CZGaF7igfVEt5_P-F7KzmXPfc-XYXT0iaPFYldCkm0/edit#gid=0 (I've also added it to my answer).

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
6/8/15, 4:35 AM


I just saw that, thanks. On the spreadsheet on the Customer Portal row it doesn't look like the portal has been 'improved'. I have a sinking feeling this means website_portal is no longer going to be a part of 9.0 CE, although I hope i'm wrong.

It seems like it would be vital to at least have some sales documents like SO, PO, Quotation, etc. visible in a frontend/website portal as this is pretty commonplace in most ecommerce platforms.


Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium

--Yenthe Van Ginneken--
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--Yenthe Van Ginneken--

Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/6/15, 7:59 AM

Hi Luke,

The source code for Odoo V9 will be showing up 'soon', they have to filter out all Enterprise code out and there will then be two repositories, one for the Odoo Core and one for Odoo Enterprise.

A seconden important thing is that there will be two Odoo 9 versions in essence. Odoo community and Odoo Enterprise. The core version will not contain the ability for resizing and no responsiveness. It will still contain the old design more or less with the left menubar. Odoo Enterprise will be fully responsive and contain multiple website options etc.. The Enterprise version will have an extra cost of 20€/user/month and the code for Enterprise will NEVER become public. You will only be able to buy it through partners or Odoo itself! (So far for open source eh?)

So, what exactly will be in the core and what will be in the Enterprise model?
Base, account, crm, project, stock, ... have been explicitly named as being in the core. Modules that will be in the extended (Enterprise) license are account_dashboard, account_check_print, web_mobile project_forecast,... so quite some important modules will be in the enterprise. The major one will probably be the web_mobile and responsiveness for Odoo. Non-enterprise Odoo's will not scale well on mobile devices and will stay in the V8 way for a good part so this means that almost anybody would need/want the Enterprise contract. 
For the full details on what will be in which version you can have a look here.

You can find all the information about licensing on this slide: https://www.odoo.com/slides/slide/open-source-licenses-196 
Its given by Olivier Dony and is officially from Odoo.


DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
6/6/15, 10:06 AM

Hi Yenthe,

This is devastating news. I feel like my open-source hero has sold it's soul for a shot at the big time.

I understand development time costs money, and companies can't run on good vibes and pixie dust, but I think the way this license and business model change has been executed is a mistake.

I hope Odoo SA will re-evaluate it's position before the 9.0 release and keep in mind that the driving force behind TinyERP, OpenERP, and Odoo has always been the strong community involvement in the project.

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/6/15, 11:03 AM

Hi Luke, It does feel like they're selling their soul and are going for the money. Buts lets face it, they do need money. When I look at it from Fabien his side I can also understand that he needs some money from somewhere.. after all he has over 100 people on his team that all need a paycheck. I assume that his 10M he has gotten from funding is running low and this is his solution.Anyways, it does feel sad to hear that they will make a part of Odoo closed. This is a rather big turn from their open source approach and I assume that they will keep going on with the road from changing open source to closed source due to the money. I hope that I'm wrong though!

Oocademy, Yenthe Van Ginneken Belgium
6/6/15, 11:09 AM

And I've extended my answer a bit :) I hope this gives answers to all of your questions.

DevBranch Company Limited, Luke Branch Hong Kong
6/8/15, 2:27 AM

Hi Yenthe,

Thanks for the update. I'll be following this closely until the 9.0 release.


The spreadsheet indicates that there still would be customer follow-ups, but these have been made close source as well. The Odoo official statements and their presentations all indicated only new features would be close source. So, it seems they are heading on a path to close as much as possible, which is weird for a company claiming to value open source principles. The Odoo front-page still states "Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs".

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