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Bob Muller
On 4/25/13, 6:42 PM

You cannot forward emails to another person or Group!

You don't need to, you can add other persons (either internal or external) as followers.

You cannot forward or link emails to "Sales Order", "Purchase orders", "Projects", or any other activity! (ie ehen ERP cannot work out what the email is related to!)

You can share any document via email. You can also embed a document somewhere on another website.

You cannot save a draft email!

True, but you could log a note (as opposed to an email) which at least is not send out to customers. Later, you can copy/paste and log the email response.

Without selecting "Keep Original" in "Incoming Mail Servers" you haven't a clue whats each email is about - then you get lost in the all the data trail!

Indeed keeping track of many emails manually will be very different. It is best to add emails to your system one workflow at a time. Try to get some confidence that it is working the way you want. If you trust the system it does your bidding, continue with another proces...

One useful tip: before implementing emails replace all email addresses for customers by something harmless (like email-aliases that end up in your own mailbox). At the moment we're in the proces of sending invoices to customers by email, but since were still not there yet all invoices will be sent to some test-email account instead.

When you write "You don't need to, you can add other persons (either internal or external) as followers.". You mean as followers of what (followers of the discussion or followers of the user receiving the email)

CPG Consulting, Prosper Guena Nitcheu
on 9/24/13, 3:59 PM

OK. Somebody sends you an email that should have been sent to other person in the company. How do you add him to the conversation?

Somebody sends you a message saying "I accept this quotation", but he changed the subject and does not get attached to the corresponding OE object. How do you attach this mail to it?

Jairo Llopis
on 12/18/13, 4:21 AM

@Bob who suggested One useful tip: before implementing emails replace all email addresses for customers by something harmless (like email-aliases that end up in your own mailbox). Can you please explain the tip for full understanding?

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
on 1/29/15, 12:03 PM
Francesco OpenCode
On 3/22/13, 2:00 PM

I think OpenERP is not a mail client!!! All this features are tipical of simple email client. With OpenERP is possible to connect thunderbird (or outlook if you don't love yourself) with existing modules. Use them to write emails and use OpenERP as an ERP! :)

Frankly speaking the thunderbird or outlook plugins wont work really good right now - at least not for me...

Michael Karrer
on 3/27/13, 8:11 AM

Completely disagree to Francesco - its an enterprise system and our customers want enterprise functionality which includes working on all emails in the messages section - had several inquiries about it. Agree to the first comment.

FEScon, Felix Schubert
on 6/20/13, 12:52 PM

I absolutely agree with the OP and FEScon. This is an ERP for business and without email its dead in the water.

dfor mer
on 9/23/13, 4:23 PM

+1 with OP & FEScon. OE email is barely adequate.

Thinkwell Designs, Dave Burkholder
on 11/5/13, 3:04 PM
Jairo Llopis
On 5/6/14, 7:30 AM

I have developed a module for forwarding emails. Find it under branch lp:openerp-grupoesoc-addons, it's called mail_forward.

You can forward mails to other database object or to other recipients. I hope you like it.

I get this error in an attempt to installing the mail_forward in OpenERP. ValidateError Error occurred while validating the field(s) arch: Invalid XML for View Architecture!

Kitsikpui Elliot Elikplim
on 1/7/15, 9:45 AM

Is this yours https://github.com/grupoesoc/odoo-grupoesoc-addons Is this the competions? https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/7.0/forward_mail/

on 1/29/15, 11:53 AM

Is this yours https://github.com/grupoesoc/odoo-grupoesoc-addons Is this the competions? https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/7.0/forward_mail/

on 1/29/15, 11:53 AM
Mark Stair
On 1/20/14, 8:12 PM

Forward button is NOT needed! (although people are used to forward button and it's hard to change!) Just do this: Select "Send a Message" Click the little square in top corner In the to email area enter an email of who you want to forward to. Whoolah! You now have forwarding! Note that it will also copy to followers as well as forward.

OE is fine as an email tool with the advantage of being integrated.
In fact, with the template features that are shared with all the users, it's actually a GREAT email tool for business!!!

I agree, but the lack of documentation sometimes makes it difficult to implement...

Bob Muller
on 1/29/15, 6:54 AM

When was this feature introduced? Why have I missed it?

on 1/29/15, 11:47 AM

I partly agree, the way you described will forward /CC emails to people, but not to other modules.For example a customers emailed ME a question about an order, I cannot link it back to the "Sales Order" using the current system - admitably I have not tried some of the other suggestions as of yet.

on 1/29/15, 11:48 AM
IT Libertas
On 3/13/16, 6:19 PM

The following 2 modules may be usefull regarding your discussion. Please have a look at the modules description and test the functionality:

  1. https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/9.0/compoze_no_auto_subscribe/ - exclude default following of the object by recipients but let to do it manually

  2. https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/9.0/internal_thread/ - allow sending a message to selected users but not sending them to the followers (of any subscription group)

I've tested your internal thread module which is great. But one significant weakness is that regarding the message that you have sent to an 'internal user', the chatter for this model does not seem to show exactly which users were sent a message .

Elite Antennas Ltd., Julian Robbins
on 3/15/16, 6:00 PM

Hello Julian, we have answered your question in a personal message. In order other forum members also know the peculiarity, let us include the answer here as well. thank for a reply. It seems that a weakness you described is a new feature of Odoo 9. Have a look at official Odoo demo base: https://demo.odoo.com. Basically, we do not influence whether notified partners are shown or not shown on a message. If you installed the module on Odoo 8, the recipients are shown both for our 'special' messages and for other messages. Thus, if in your version of Odoo 9 recipients are shown, they would be also shown for the messages sent as internal. Anyway thank your for a module hint. We would include the idea to return recipients in a message view to our module plans.

IT Libertas
on 3/16/16, 4:45 AM

Finally, the app https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/9.0/show_notified_partners/ was developed to show recipients on messages of Odoo 9

IT Libertas
on 4/20/16, 5:59 AM

Dear All,

Mail Forwarding Option in Odoo email tool is available now!! Go through this link: http://synconics.com/mail-forwarding-option-in-odoo-email-tool/

Best regards,

Dharmesh Patel
Synconics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(W): www.synconics.com

Hi Dharmesh Patel. May I ask you if you have some plugin in order not use Odoo/OpenERP to send email but to use Outlook or better the mailto function? Thank you! Selverine

on 7/29/15, 4:53 AM
Med Said BARA
On 5/7/14, 7:23 PM

Thank you Bob, thank you Francesco, thank you everybody for all the answers ...

I agree with you Cameron.

But, what I know, is that day after day, I see new features, new improvements, concerning specifically the messaging system of OpenERP (including email).

And i am sure, that those features and improvements do not cease to grow, day after day, and without limitations.

What we should do, is to keep on asking for improvements, providing ideas, and reporting bugs, just a way to contribute to this work.

I am also sure Cameron, that in the coming days, you will find the solutions for all your questions in OpenERP.

Best regards.

Some (email and messaging) modules, bringing a lot of functionalities and features.

Some among many others ...

OERP - Email

On 7/22/15, 5:25 AM

Hi everyone,

I have the same impression. OpenERP/Odoo email is not enough professional to work with.

I tested the Outlook module but for me, it allows only to connect from Outlook to OpenERP/Odoo.

Does someones already tried to connect from OpenERP/Odoo to Outlook?

I mean, when you click on the button "send quotation" it uses Outlook instead of the mail module? Maybe by coding something in python that use the mailto functionality?

Thank you,


Ivan Elizaryev
On 7/14/15, 12:53 AM

I have a module mail_move_message to link mail to orther record (Task, Lead, Sale order, etc).


Hello Jairo Llopis, I try your module but I don't know how to use it, please, can you help me to understand?


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