Kanban View Readonly For Group In a Specific Kanban Stage

Eddy Tan

I'm developing a kanban View in OpenERP 7 for a restaurant module, The view is to display the food status ordered by customers. currently the stage is:

  • Waiting Queue
  • In Progress
  • Ready to be served
  • Is Served
  • Cancelled

I've created 2 groups :

  • Waiters
  • Chef

When the user's group is waiters , he/she can only modify the record if the stage is 'Ready to be Served'.
For Chef, he/she can only modify a record if the stage is 'Waiting Queue' or 'In Progress'.

How do I set a domain / Access Rights for this kind of situation ? This is my Kanban View's XML:

<record model="ir.ui.view" id="inno_master_kitchen_kanban_view">
        <field name="name">Master Kitchen</field>
        <field name="model"></field>
        <field name="arch" type="xml">
            <kanban default_group_by="state" create="false">
                <field name="state"/>
                <field name="customer_id"/>
                <field name="product_id"/>
                <field name="product_qty"/>
                <field name="table_name"/>
                <field name="order_reference"/>
                    <t t-name="kanban-box">
                      <div class="kitchen_kanban oe_kanban_color_0 oe_kanban_card">
                          <div class="oe_kanban_box_header ">
                                <b><field name="table_name"/></b>
                          <div class="oe_kanban_content">
                              <img style="float:left;" t-att-src="kanban_image('product.product', 'image_medium', record.product_id.raw_value)" class="oe_kanban_image" />
                              <div><b><field name="order_reference"/></b></div>
                              <div><field name="product_id"/></div>
                                <field name="product_qty"/>
                                <field name="product_uom"/>
                              <img style="float:right;" t-att-src="kanban_image('res.partner', 'image_small', record.customer_id.raw_value)" width="24" height="24" t-att-title="record.customer_id.value" class="oe_kanban_avatar" />
                          <div class="oe_clear"></div>
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Best Answer

In xml Using Group you cannot control the mode of editing/locking a field, it is used to only controlling where a particular field can be displayed or not.

However in order to achieve your requirement.

Add a boolean-functional field, [store=false], in the function based on the user's group you can evaluate and set the value.

use this boolean flag in the attrs, to set criteria for Readonly