Is there any way to reconcile a bank statement line with a paid invoice ? [ Bank Statement reconciliation process v7]

TEIMI Yassine

On bank statement reconciliation, you have the ability to : 

Manually record a bank statement line.

Import only unpaid invoices so the system automatically loads the accounting entries, and create automatically the reconciliation couterpart. But, when the bank statement line, refers to a payement already recorded on our accounting book, there is no reconciliation with the existing Payement.

I want to reconcile the already recorded payement on my accounting book ( openerp accounting system ), with the already existing payment on my openerp accounting system.

Opernerp v7 reconcile just the payments existing on the bank statement, and non existing on our openerp accounting system, so for me it's just normal reconciliation process. and not an efficient bank statement reconciliation, mainly when the reconciliation button stays RED.

Is there any community module responding to my request ?