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Daniel Reis
On 2/8/13, 7:45 PM

An OpenERP Rent project exists:

The OpenERP Rent module let you rent products to your customers. It supports both service and stockable products.

Haven't used it myself, though.

pity they use aeroo for reports. This is a PITA to deploy...

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
on 2/11/13, 5:09 AM

If the overall modules are good for you, stripping out aeroo reports would be much of a problem.

Daniel Reis
on 2/11/13, 5:42 AM

It's for the V6.0 , What about the version of the OERP 7.0 ?

Yug Faa
on 5/13/13, 8:04 AM
Alexis de Lattre
On 1/28/14, 6:18 PM

I have just published a module sale_rental, that I wrote in the last days. I created a dedicated Launchpad projet "openerp-rental" : https://launchpad.net/openerp-rental This module uses the native sale.order object of OpenERP. It depends on the module "account_cutoff_prepaid", which is available in lp:account-closing, that manages start date and end dates on invoices and the prepaid cutoffs for accounting.

Here is the description of the module :

On the form view of a stockable product or consumable, there is a wizard to generate the corresponding rental service. On the warehouse, you have two additionnal stock locations: Rental In (stock of products to rent) and Rental Out (products currently rented).

In a sale order line, if you select a rental service, you can :

  • create a new rental with a start date and an end date: when the sale order is confirmed, it will generate a delivery order and an incoming shipment.

  • extend an existing rental: the incoming shipment will be postponed to the end date of the extension.

In a sale order line, if you select a product that has a corresponding rental service, you can decide to sell the rented product that the customer already has. If the sale order is confirmed, the incoming shipment will be cancelled and a new delivery order will be created with a stock move from Rental Out to Customers.

Feedback on this module is welcomed.

dude, i cant choose start and end date :(

yulian sutopo
on 10/9/14, 2:42 PM
Med Said BARA
On 1/29/14, 9:30 AM
Mustufa Rangwala
On 9/9/17, 1:34 AM


We have created app which also support website sale of your rental products: https://www.odoo.com/apps/modules/10.0/odoo_rental_contract_management/  https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/11.0/rental_management_extend/


Probuse Consulting Service Pvt Ltd


Milo Kusmic
On 11/6/16, 7:05 PM

Hi all,

I had an extension to the sale_rental module made for odoo 8.

It adds rental duration depending pricing functionality.

Each rental service corresponding to a rental product has to be assign a quantum (staffel in dutch) which is defined seperately. Each quantum table defines the relationschip between number of rental days and the factor to multiply the base price (rental price for one day).

When adding a rental service orderline you define the number of rental days (its calculated from the start/end date) and the number of items you want to rent out.

Orderline price is calculated by making the quantity a calculated field where number of rented item * factor pulled from quantum table based in number of rental days.

You can define multiple quantum tables to suite different price modems within rental fleet.

It also adds a start/end date for the logistical actions separate from the actual fields used for the calculation as mentioned.

I had start/end dates added to order definitief so these are used as default when adding rental services to prevent having to select dates over and over.

For anyone looping intro using sale_rental: you can define rental service for each product variant and it is compatibel with lots if you want to rent out on unique product number. I had a field added to each lot pointing back to the stock location tree helping to define unique warehouse location per unique rental product despite sale_rental only operating from one single stock location (for now).

I'm open to working with other parties in developing further towards odoo 9/10/... and adding availabilty checking etc.

On 4/1/15, 8:24 AM

Actually, there's no solution for renting working completely yet.

The Sale_Rental module works fine in Version 8.0, but

  • there's only day(s) to rent, and

  • no "Check Stock" Function for future dates.

Everything else ist working fine.

Is anybody interested in a develompent partnership to continue sale_rental development?

(Module is actually not 9.0 compatible).

I might be, but I am just getting familiar with Odoo.

Darcy Christ
on 4/25/16, 12:03 PM
On 6/11/14, 11:16 AM


I like the idea and i have installed the module but unfortunatly i am not able to run the flow.

Can you share video which help me to understand how it work.




yulian sutopo
On 10/9/14, 2:41 PM

i use sale_rental but it always give me [RENT-False] on openerp 7.0

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