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Stephen Mack
On 8/20/14, 7:56 PM

Hamid, Sure two users unlimited odoo modules SaaS hosting is what odoo is offering.  There are some limitations of course.

  • You can not point your own URL at your odoo website.  Your web address would have to be: http://your-company-name.odoo.com not http://www.your-company-name.com
  • You can only install odoo developed modules.  Odoo does not permit community or user-developed modules to be installed on their servers.
  • Of course you are limited to no more than two users

If you can live with those restrictions it's a great deal, plus you can always ask for and receive a copy of your data whenever you want.

Thanks Stephen for this crystal clear explanation. Really appreciate that.

Hamid Ali
on 8/21/14, 2:18 AM

I think it is possible to overcome the first limitation by paying Odoo SA some money - can someone confirm this ?

Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
on 8/21/14, 2:39 AM

Kurt, I asked them and they said no. The only way would be a full paying customer. You can't just pay for that feature. sadly.

Stephen Mack
on 8/21/14, 2:52 AM

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, we can set up your own domain name for Odoo Standard or Business (paid subscriptions only), e.g: www.mycompany.com. We can also manage email addresses.

That would seem to indicate that an odoo standard customer can user their own domain name - i.e. mybrilliantdomainname.com

Kurt, I asked them and they said no. The only way would be a full paying customer. You can't just pay for that feature. sadly.

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Hertford Developments Limited, Kurt Haselwimmer
on 8/21/14, 3:03 AM

I'm not so sure Kurt. I contacted odoo support on July 10th and was told by Richard Mathot that "The custom domain feature is available for paid subscriptions only ('Business Packs' or 'Standard Pack' with > 2 users)." I would be happy to be wrong so please contact support and report back. Not sure they want the same question from me again.

Stephen Mack
on 8/21/14, 8:48 AM

Another thing about the 2-users-4-free account is ... once you might be growing out of it can be tricky to migrate to anything else then the saas. An example: odoo 8 stable and saas-6 are identical. But as soon saas-7 comes along, and you are being migrated to it (which happens automatically on an saas subscription I guess) the database you will be running then will not fit an odoo-8 stable anymore probably. So, you can not just easily backup your database and restore it on any (local) odoo-8 server. You have to back-migrate to it, so to say. I'd say that is also a limitation one should be aware of.

on 9/28/14, 7:02 AM
Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt.Ltd
On 5/18/18, 7:20 AM


Odoo online one app is free for unlimited users. As per the end users requirement, he can choose the required application such as sales, project, point of sale etc and use lifetime for free with unlimited users.

Note that, one app is only free. If the user installed any other apps in the DB, the scheme expires and the database will get expired in a span of time.

For more info, you can go this link and start using one app for free : https://www.odoo.com/trial


On 2/3/16, 2:13 PM

Will the free-for-2-users edition automaticly upgrade to odoo 9?
How can i initiate this?
I´m an existing user (version 8).  

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