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Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States

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San Francisco, United States
--Fabrice Henrion (fhe)--

Director Odoo Americas

Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States
5/31/16, 6:51 AM

Github access is for official partners, not for Enterprise end-users.

The advantage of a github access is to work on top of it (eg. when developing new modules on top of evolving Enterprise modules) and to follow evolution of those Enterprise branches (eg. for updating local branches when working with many of them like integrators do with their several clients).

We do not have the intention to give github access to Enterprise end-users for the following reasons:

  • It gives a competitive advantage (in the form of a convenience) to official partners over integrators who would buy Odoo Enterprise in order to get the code without being a partner.

  • End-users don't need it. If your Odoo Enterprise doesn't have issue, don't fix (ie. update) something that works. If your Odoo Enterprise has an issue that has not been fixed yet, report to help@odoo.com (a github access wouldn't help you). If your Odoo Enterprise has an issue that has already been fixed in a later commit on your branch, you can either report to help@odoo.com who will provide you with the patch or you can download the latest version from the download page and apply a diff.
    Since you are working, as an end-user, only on 1 instance, it is reasonable to apply updates (when needed) or other maintenance actions more 'manually' than through github as the number of those actions will be much more limited compared to a partner who would have several dozens of customers.

Practichem, Nicholas DeMarco United States
6/1/16, 5:56 AM

My question asked if the directory structures for Odoo Enterprise on GitHub and Odoo downloaded as a package via Odoo's download page are different. If yes, why?

Fabrice Henrion (fhe) United States
6/1/16, 6:10 AM

Odoo Enterprise = Odoo Community + Enterprise modules. The Enterprise github branch only contains the Enterprise modules. The Enterprise download contains Odoo Community + Enterprise modules, so that it represents an installable package. So yes, it's not a 1:1 copy because they serve different purposes.

Practichem, Nicholas DeMarco United States
7/18/16, 4:55 PM

You want each person experiencing a problem to report the problem, then get a patch? This is sooooo Microsoft. Lame.


James White Canada

--James White--

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Toronto, Canada
--James White--

James White Canada
8/24/17, 6:46 AM

As I review my install options and find this thread, I am getting a sense that I should NOT let a partner do the installation.  Once you choose a partner - you need to do a complete reinstall in order to "divorce" them and fly solo?

This sounds a bit like a housewife in the '50's being told "don't you worry your pretty little head about finances..."  and so she is stuck with the drunken misogynist for the rest of her life.  

Am I misunderstanding?


After going back to "Installing Odoo" I have found this phrase now leaps out at me:

Odoo provides packaged installers for Windows, deb-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, …) and RPM-based distributions (Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, …) for both the Community and Enterprise versions.
These packages automatically set up all dependencies (for the Community version), but may be difficult to keep up-to-date.

Let me get this straight - Odoo is predicting that it is going to be "difficult to keep up-do-date" unless I pay someone else thousands of dollars to install my software - and I am not ALLOWED to use the "won't be difficult to keep up-to-date" git repository? 

Why is this all sounding very ominous all-of-a-sudden?  How could S.A. fall so far from the core principles of open-source?

I mean - I will PAY YOU.  But why sabotage my ERP if I don't WANT a partner?  Seriously, I am sitting here with cash in my hands TRYING to get Odoo Enterprise... and I am becoming afraid that it is a trap.  Maybe I will stick with Community just so I don't get trapped.

Ray Carnes United States
8/24/17, 10:34 AM

A knowledgeable partner should be able to install Odoo in two hours or less. If you change partners, you don't need to switch repositories, you just need to have the new partner login with their new account when updating the software. If you want OPEN SOURCE, you need to stick with the Community Edition. The Enterprise Edition is not OPEN SOURCE.

Xeata Management Inc., James White Canada
8/25/17, 1:38 PM

I suspect you miss my point: I do not WANT a partner - and I want Enterprise. I just don't want to fear that by purchasing Enterprise, my install will fall because I don't want a Partner.

FWIW, I did pay for Enterprise - and the .deb install has failed. Currently OK with that and presuming that the support community will have answers. If not, I will scream blue bloody murder. ;-)

Xeata Management Inc., James White Canada
8/25/17, 1:43 PM

LOL, Forum says: 0 Posts Dependency is not satisfiable: python-pypdf

Xeata Management Inc., James White Canada
8/25/17, 6:33 PM

@Ray, I understand your point - and agree fully. Thought I should clarify that now that my frustration has cooled a bit.

I think my concern is that somehow, perhaps, Odoo has orphaned Enterprise clients with the phrase: Pay a partner. You probably understand how an I.T. veteran would find that a bit insulting. All some folks will require are simple instructions such as - and this is how my install finally succeeded - "Do Not Use Jessie - Use Sid".


Nicholas DeMarco United States
7/18/16, 4:53 PM

According to Odoo USA, the downloadable Enterprise version is the standard way the files and directories are to be organized. Odoo recommends we revert our installation to one conforming to this standard installation format. Also according to Odoo USA, the Enterprise download is updated often, so it represents the latest code base.

So it is Odoo USA vs. Odoo SA, because I have two conflicting answers for each of two questions. We really want to just get on with our work.


Ray Carnes United States

--Ray Carnes--
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Greater Los Angeles, United States
--Ray Carnes--

Business Analyst

OpenERP 6.1, 7.0; Odoo 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0 and 12.0.

Completed Odoo Functional and Technical Training.

Functional Areas:

  • CRM/Sales

  • Inventory

  • Manufacturing

  • Accounting

  • Purchasing

Major Skills:

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Efficiency Consulting

  • User Needs and GAP Analysis;

  • Functional and Technical Design;

  • Prototyping and Proof of Concepts;

  • Requirements Specifications;

  • Agile Implementation;

  • Data Migration;

  • Configuration & Customization (UI and code);

  • Integration - Odoo and non Odoo Applications and Services;

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer;

  • Go Live Support;

  • Helpdesk;

  • Version Upgrades and Migration.

  • Accounting Expert.

I have over 20 years of experience empowering and enabling users with enterprise information systems that make a real and measurable difference in their ability to proactively manage their businesses and organizations. 

I am a skilled Communicator and I only take the serious things seriously!

Ray Carnes United States
5/31/16, 1:24 AM

Contact Odoo and ask them.

I don't know of an easy way, and it is an interesting question, given only partners are normally given access to the repository - please post back what you find out.


At the bottom of the page you will see the San Francisco office details.  

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